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woke up at some stupid time on sunday and did no work although i had promised myself i would. went to mc donalds for the first time in months (thanks to supersize me).



the new manics single was released today and i recommend you all to go out and buy it. but anyway i’ve heard lots of news which may or may not be true but either way it has got me bloody excited. ...
Fire Festival
I was inspired by Beltane and the fire festival when I was doing this painting.


Grant phoned me today and asked if I wanted to come and see Babyshambles wit him at the Reading Rooms. We headed along to the gig for half seven, and met up with Grant's friend Amanda. We then had ...
well today tom bought me a paid account for deviantart. i think that it will come in handy with uni back on. watched big fish which really surprised me by almost making me cry at the end.. i always...
as for tom he has went ebay crazy.. he’s trying to get surround sound now but he has already bought sex and the city series 1 – 5, vivienne westwood perfume, marilyn monroe perfume, hello kitty pho...


first of all Happy Birthday Tom.. his birthday yesterday. secondly.. Happy Birthday Me.. it’s my birthday today. hands everyone cake and drink love you all xox
We got up early this morning and decided to head through to Perth for an adventure. Tom treated me to a lovely pair of silver star studs from a fancy jewellers.
Iain and I drove down to London today to pick up Nick and bring him back to Dundee. The drive took about seven hours and we passed a really surreal crash on the road. A car was completely torn in t...


we were upstairs with elise and ads and things got a little mad and ads started shouting because someone stole his drink which resulted in more holes in doors. poor elise and poor astrix (the kitty...
yay, i got my first favourite on deviant art. this is a portrait of my boyfriend tom.


and now it is raining in dundee and i don’t feel like going outside though i need to get tom some milk..
Tom came home this morning and surprised me with my very own copy of Singstar. We spent the rest of the day singing. In the evening our neighbours, Elise & Ads came down and we sang and drank ...
Today malcolm’s birthday so we went to the beat bar and lavished him with presents while listening to him talk about sex for a rather long time (tee hee). then we pulled ourselves including jenny (...
so that’s what i did today….. need to be better at photoshop.. need to be more abstract
today is the day of indecision. i was suppose to be going to dundee but tom decided he was coming home. then he decided he wasn’t. but now he is though i’ve completely lost him. he’s not at home t...
home now. it’s strange the way that each time i come home it feels more and more unlike my home.. so the first thing i do it download msn messenger so that i can feel connected to my life back in d...


walking through the town there are so many people competing for the attention and money of the public. a girl with a guitar. a balloon bender. speakers blaring out terrible songs that the passers b...


woke up this morning to the lovely dulcet tones of junkies standing outside our door this morning.. phoned the police but the junkies left before they showed up..
me and nick were going to go to club chaos but decided to wait until tonight for cage and yay nathan is coming.
Tonight i went to the nether inn with my uni friends, it was our kind of goodbye night out because a few of them are away home. jenny drank loads, this huge pitcher of something and then four bottl...
we left the house at 2ish and walked for miles and miles and only just got back now. must have been the longest walk we’ve been on in dundee. it started off with really scrummy ice cream from thorn...
just as tom says “thank god the junkies came back” we walked outside to find three of them there. i gave them a really evil look and said in a much-louder-than-i-thought-way “are they junkies?”.. s...
2.04 am = where the hell is louise? in edinburgh you get oap seats on buses, here you get buggy zones. in edinburgh you get ikea and here you get camperdown play park. dundee is like some big play...


we have a pretty postman.. and he’s welsh and looks like richey. i think i kinda stepped in it though, because tom asked me if the postman was pretty and i said “how do you know?” because it was re...
such a stressful day. after shouting. stressing. and running around to get help from so many people we finally got the junkies sorted out.. and hopefully that will be the end of them. anyway after ...
our letting agency are so bad.. not only have they not bothered to fix the ten so things that were wrong with the flat when we moved in four months ago but now there is a very scary problem resulti...
Stitch N Bitch
Stitch N Bitch arrived today and there are so many things I want to make, but my fingers have started to hurt from knitting too much. Nick brought me back a paper pad of The Nightmare Before Chris...


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