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Rainy Edinburgh
We headed down the high street today, where we discovered the most amazing candy ever in the form of happy hippos from Kinder. They're so good!
i managed to re-pierce my ear.. after 4/6 years i took about 20 seconds of just pushing my earing gently through-it. i’m amazed but yay. the forum has 9 members now yay. i expect you all to join it...
Pin Up Girls
had a good day.. was awoken by a smiling tom bring milk tray and much love. went to edinburgh where we caught up with alister and went to see a film at the cameo. american splendor, not very good –...
Graphics Tablet
i ? my new graphics tablet.. it’s so easy to use and so much fun.
cries i hate presentations. it was horrible, they were all looking at me like they hated me. i can’t really remember how it went, it was all a blur… i just hope i pass. sorry but my journal is fri...
Today was good and my last lesson of Life Drawing, which I'm quite sad about. We got our drawings back from the whole of term and there are pieces that I can't remember doing at all. They did have ...
woke up. missed the train to edinburgh. ran for the next train to edinburgh. ran and missed the megabus to glasgow. got a normal bus to glasgow. walked around in the rain. traveled on the undergrou...
dundee really is the scummiest place ever. today a ned banged into me and spilt his coffee all over him.. obviously i turned around and laughed.. then he had the nerve to say i banged into him. i w...
today i cleaned my room, possibly some attempt to have an organized new year and then my father treated me and tom to seeing love actually, which was surprisingly good for a happy-ended random chri...
i had a good night although me and slept on what seemed to be the most uncomfortable sofa while threw up lots. the next day there were no trains so ailsa stayed at my house. i fed her. we laughed w...


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