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Dark Room
It was such a lovely sunny day in Dundee today but I spent most of it in the dark room. It was the last day of printing, so everyone was desperately mixing chemicals to get their photos printed in ...
yay.. inga actually likes my idea for the interactive poem.. i’m so pleased. having a major clean up of the flat… oh neighbours on.. i’ll finish this in a minute.
The new issue of BUST Magazine arrived this morning and it always puts me in such a happy mood. got the new issue of bust – yay. always puts me in a happy kitty mood though it is weird to be home...
finally managed to hand it in after wandering around looking for the right colour of paper to attach to it. didn’t go to photography and i’m not sure why, but it’s too late now and i’ll get whined ...
wednesday malcolm, nathan, gg, grant and ellie came over which was another distraction to keep me from my coursework.
Today was a fun fest of eating pizza, galaxy, watching ghost world, giving relationship counceling and missing yet another class. yes, i don’t have much to say. louise thinks we have a ghost. afte...
woke up at 11 and had to get the house cleaned up in a matter of seconds before the parents arrived. they took us to jimmy chungs for lunch… all you can eat yummy chinese food mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. th...
Kitty Ville Hat
I've just finished knitting the Kitty Ville Hat from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch 'N Bitch. I used circular needles and it has little ears and pom poms on the end of icords.


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