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and now it is raining in dundee and i don’t feel like going outside though i need to get tom some milk..
Tom came home this morning and surprised me with my very own copy of Singstar. We spent the rest of the day singing. In the evening our neighbours, Elise & Ads came down and we sang and drank ...
Today malcolm’s birthday so we went to the beat bar and lavished him with presents while listening to him talk about sex for a rather long time (tee hee). then we pulled ourselves including jenny (...
so that’s what i did today….. need to be better at photoshop.. need to be more abstract
today is the day of indecision. i was suppose to be going to dundee but tom decided he was coming home. then he decided he wasn’t. but now he is though i’ve completely lost him. he’s not at home t...
home now. it’s strange the way that each time i come home it feels more and more unlike my home.. so the first thing i do it download msn messenger so that i can feel connected to my life back in d...


walking through the town there are so many people competing for the attention and money of the public. a girl with a guitar. a balloon bender. speakers blaring out terrible songs that the passers b...


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