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Home For Christmas
I’m back in Burntisland for Christmas. Today we went through to Edinburgh for some last minute Christmas shopping. I had to get a new Young Person's Railcard. When I got home, I baked some cupcak...


Gingerbread Coffin
I love having oats for breakfast, especially when it's cold outside but I don't always have time to make porridge so I'm come up with a winter berry, yogurt and oat bowl which does the trick.
Call Girl
I had a lovely day with my parents today. They came through quite early and we headed through to St Andrews, where I bought the pin-up girl phone I had been wanting and found a pretty skirt in a ch...
Harley Quinn Barbie
My Harley Quinn Barbie arrived this morning. She is really cute and I love her expression. She now sits on my craft desk and watches over my work.


Sailor Girl - Part Two
Tonight I finished my second strip of Sailor Girl. This one may seem like it doesn't go anywhere but with the next story it'll all start to fit together a little better. It's not even slightly rela...
Filming Teenager
We started filming my documentary tonight. Iain kindly volunteered to be my driver and we set off on the streets of Dundee. He was an excellent driver although he almost wrote of the car at one poi...
The Insomnia Club
I've started an insomniac club with my friends who also have weird sleeping patterns. Miquette Breitenbach invited us to go kite flying with her on The Law at 4am tonight but she had fallen asleep ...
We headed through to Glasgow tonight to see Ladytron with Iain. I haven't been sleeping well, so I had a little nap in the car to make sure I'd be wide awake for the gig.
Dolly The Dummy
Today my lovely dressmaker's dummy arrived. Tom has named her Dolly The Dummy. She was a little beaten up but I managed to fix her with glue. Also Tom’s two monster screens arrived. They measure o...
Orange & Cinnamon Soap
I've been making Orange + Cinnamon Soap over the past few days and it was finally ready to try out today. It smells so good, so I'm super happy with my first attempt.
Ad's Birthday
Tonight was Adam Milroy's birthday party, so we headed upstairs for a few drinks. I met some lovely people, including a guy who is a post-graduate on my course and has an office in the uni. Elise ...


We went up to Toys 'R' Us today and Tom bought me a Tamagotchi. I know that I'm 20 and most 16 year olds around here already have babies, but I think it's a big improvement. I use to have one when ...


The Cuban Brothers
Tom came over for a mini part at our house this morning. My parents gave him a coffee maker and we gave him a Miffy cake which we made last night.
Edinburgh Festival
I headed back home to Fife today, as my Uncle Bruce is visiting from Canada. We then headed through to Edinburgh to see some shows at the festival. We got free tickets to see Josie Long and Dan Ni...
The Frigate Unicorn
We went down to City Quay today and had a tour of the Frigate Unicorn. I love the way old ships smell. I also really love the unicorn masthead. If I had a ship, it'd have a unicorn on too.


Leopard Skin Cake
Today was my Mum's birthday so I made her a leopard skin cake covered in stars, silver balls and glitter. We went to Jimmy Chung's and they sang the Happy Birthday song for her and brought her a s...
Sons & Daughters
The gig was fun and I took lots of terrible photos with my phone. Tom managed to get the setlist as always. Loraine came over from Edinburgh today, as did Grant from just up the street and we wen...


Canal Ride
This morning my Dad and I went on a boat ride around the canals of Brugge, where we got to see one of the houses from an Audrey Hepburn film.
We woke up in Brugge this morning. Our hotel is right next to the canal, so we had a lovely view outside the window. After enjoying our complimentary breakfast, we ventured out to see the city. T...


Manics in Newcastle
Today we all drove down to Newcastle to see the Manic Street Preachers play in the strangest venue. It was all seated except for one row at the front. The crowd were quiet, and so were the band. It...


Hand In Day
Today was hand in day, which didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I had all my work finished but then it came to putting my film on VHS, with only an hour to go, everything went wrong. Tom had to run...
Viridis Somnio
More concept art of Viridis Somnio, the absinthe fairy, as part of my Character Animation class.
Under The Influence
I finished a concept painting of my absinthe fairy, Viridis Somnio for Character Animation class tonight.
eBay Addiction
As part of our coursework, we were asked to make a 60 second short film. I'd been really looking forward to this but when I picked up the camera that I'd booked out from the Uni, I realised how ter...


Absinthe Fairies
We woke up to a huge fright this morning when one of our lava lamps filled with glitter exploded. We'd forgotten to turn it off the night before and the bulb must have overheated. There was hot liq...
The Reptile Room
Headed out shopping on town today and got Lemony Snicket's 2nd book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Reptile Room.
Wayne The Pain
Elise and Ads invited upstairs tonight and then Ads stoop up announcing the he had the news of the year, which we all doubted, but he did... our annoying neighbours, Nicky and Wayne ("the Pain") ha...
Lolita Lempika
I spent today with my parents again. They really enjoy coming up and I really like seeing them. Also, the La Fée Absinthe spoon and t-shirt that I ordered arrived today and I won a bottle of Lolit...
Absinthe Fairy
I finalised the design for my absinthe fairy in Character Animation today. Now to turn her in to Flash...


Knife Tricks
I wasn't feeling too inspired in Character Animation this week so I decided to turn one of my sketchbook drawings in to a digital painting. This painting was inspired by the Hemingway quote "Got t...


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