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Sailor Girl - Part Two
Tonight I finished my second strip of Sailor Girl. This one may seem like it doesn't go anywhere but with the next story it'll all start to fit together a little better. It's not even slightly rela...
Filming Teenager
We started filming my documentary tonight. Iain kindly volunteered to be my driver and we set off on the streets of Dundee. He was an excellent driver although he almost wrote of the car at one poi...
The Insomnia Club
I've started an insomniac club with my friends who also have weird sleeping patterns. Miquette Breitenbach invited us to go kite flying with her on The Law at 4am tonight but she had fallen asleep ...
We headed through to Glasgow tonight to see Ladytron with Iain. I haven't been sleeping well, so I had a little nap in the car to make sure I'd be wide awake for the gig.
Dolly The Dummy
Today my lovely dressmaker's dummy arrived. Tom has named her Dolly The Dummy. She was a little beaten up but I managed to fix her with glue. Also Tom’s two monster screens arrived. They measure o...
Orange & Cinnamon Soap
I've been making Orange + Cinnamon Soap over the past few days and it was finally ready to try out today. It smells so good, so I'm super happy with my first attempt.
Ad's Birthday
Tonight was Adam Milroy's birthday party, so we headed upstairs for a few drinks. I met some lovely people, including a guy who is a post-graduate on my course and has an office in the uni. Elise ...


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