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Today we took the train through to Nice which is a really beautiful town.
Here are a few new characters. Rich girl, who is a little brat that you are suppose to hate and the I Love You Doll that Sailor Girl managed to ship back from Japan.
Finally finished my anti-smoking infomercial "Don't miss a thing". It's for a 30 second film competition for Channel 4. The titles are a little hard to read on the net but they say "You wouldn't le...
I've been home for the last part of the week looking after my cat Ben. I got a call from my parents on Monday telling me that he was ill. It sounded pretty bad so I decided to go home on Wednesday ...
Good news – I have a shiny new iBook. Bad news – my cat, Ben, is sick and it’s not looking hopeful. I’m so depressed so I’m going home tomorrow. x
Gingerbread Coffin
I love having oats for breakfast, especially when it's cold outside but I don't always have time to make porridge so I'm come up with a winter berry, yogurt and oat bowl which does the trick.
I’m so tired but I’m having a cupcake tasting party.. how distinguished. Here are some photos: It's been a really strange week. Elise's kitchen door got stuck so she needed us to go up and fix it...


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