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You can find the most fabulous selection of wool in John Lewis. Unfortunately, you do have to shop among the crazy posh craftsters, who like to knit fuzzy scarves and make doilies. It seems like ev...
An overlocker from Mum. Vivienne Westwood Treasure Island purse from Tom. Tickets to see Regina Spektor. RAM for my MAC. Dame Darcy Doll and videos. A few bottles of perfume. Stickywicket Craft kit...
Home For Christmas
I’m back in Burntisland for Christmas. Today we went through to Edinburgh for some last minute Christmas shopping. I had to get a new Young Person's Railcard. When I got home, I baked some cupcak...
We told my parents the next day and my Mum said “cool” and my Dad told us a funny story about Spartacus. Before we left, Tom and I exchanged Christmas presents. He got me a Dame Darcy doll, which ...
A documentary that investigates the ways in which teenagers are living more adult lifestsyles and questions whether the media are responsible.
I don't know how I managed to do it, but all my work is finished. Here is my 3D animation of the I Love You Doll. It's a little rough, but it meets the brief.


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