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The Cuban Brothers
Tom came over for a mini part at our house this morning. My parents gave him a coffee maker and we gave him a Miffy cake which we made last night.
I’ve seen some amazing shows at the festival and if you get the chance you should go see the play of A Clockwork Orange.
Edinburgh Festival
I headed back home to Fife today, as my Uncle Bruce is visiting from Canada. We then headed through to Edinburgh to see some shows at the festival. We got free tickets to see Josie Long and Dan Ni...
The Frigate Unicorn
We went down to City Quay today and had a tour of the Frigate Unicorn. I love the way old ships smell. I also really love the unicorn masthead. If I had a ship, it'd have a unicorn on too.
I've been trying to focus my attention on other areas of the body rather than just focusing on the face. Finished a new painting.. it’s called The Wanderer. I’m proud of myself for focusing on oth...
We went over to Nathans for a house warming party. We arrived pretty late so hopefully there wasn’t too much time for me to embarrass myself.. I’m really sorry if I have. My phone was full of text ...


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