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Craft 'N Bitch
Today I hosted my first ever Craft 'N Bitch in Dundee. I was worried that noone would show up but we got to meet the lovely Hannah, who is a knitter who lives in Dundee. We ended up taking our kni...
Doll Parts
I've come up with a character for Advanced Visualisation called the I Love You Doll. I'm taking lots of inspiration from the dolls I've made and own.
Presents From Malaysia
I got a parcel from Malaysia the other day, it was a parcel from my friend Esther Lim. These are the first things she has crafted and I'm so impressed.
Visualisation Sketchbook
We started a new subject called Advanced Visualisation today where we will design a 3D animation. I had wanted to avoid doing 3D again but the only other option was audio and I thought this would b...
Bargains at Littlewood's
The Littlewoods in the Overgate was closing down today and I managed to get a mannequin for £5. Ross Sheddon managed to get the one with legs but hopefully I can pick some up later. I also managed...


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