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Craft 'N Bitch
Today I hosted my first ever Craft 'N Bitch in Dundee. I was worried that noone would show up but we got to meet the lovely Hannah, who is a knitter who lives in Dundee. We ended up taking our kni...
Here is the first part to Sailor Girl and The Wrestling Squid Competition. The second part will be up later this week. Enjoy x First of all, Happy Chinese New Year. I'll be making a festive little...
Doll Parts
I've come up with a character for Advanced Visualisation called the I Love You Doll. I'm taking lots of inspiration from the dolls I've made and own.
Visualisation Sketchbook
We started a new subject called Advanced Visualisation today where we will design a 3D animation. I had wanted to avoid doing 3D again but the only other option was audio and I thought this would b...
I’ve been so busy recently. I’m back at uni now and as usual I’m hardly ever in, which in a way is terrible and in another it’s good, because I will have time to do worth while productive things su...
Today was our first day back at uni after Christmas. This semester we have to produce a personal project (I’m planning a 15 minute film), showreel, website and 3D animation. It turns out that we're...


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