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Class Of '06
Tonight was Halloween, so we all dressed up as the school kids from Battle Royale and headed to the fancy dress party at Abertay Union.
Counting To Ten
We went for dinner at Wetherspoon's with Iain and Hannah tonight.
Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
Today I was sent along to Fat Sams to interview Graham Coxon for Venus Zine. He was really lovely and even more nervous than I was. After our interview, we chatted about crafting, how he's learning...
Iain, Tom and I headed through to Glasgow this evening to see Peaches at the ABC. She was awesome and played all the hits.
Sugar Skulls
I made some Sugar Skulls tonight using the mould I ordered from Mexican Sugar Skulls. I love them so much but I doubt that I'll eat them as they're far too sugary. I'm just going to give them all a...
James Dean Bradfield
We went to see James Dean Bradfield again tonight at The Garage in Glasgow. He was really good and we got to meet him again afterwards.
An English Gentleman
We went to see James Dean Bradfield at Fat Sam's tonight with my Mum and Grant. It was really crowded but good. We stayed around to meet him afterwards. At one point we looked down to notice that...


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