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Pillar Of Salt
We went to see The Thermals at Nice ‘N Sleazy’s in Glasgow tonight. Iain drove us there and back, while we made up some amazingly catchy songs in the back of the car. The support band were called A...
I’ve been listening to a lot of Graham Coxon recently. I saw him in Camden at the weekend, buying cheap take-out like the rest of us, clever guy. I always pictured the line “I saw you on the corner...
There’s an article about me and Cut Out + Keep, along with my tutorial for a Cupcake Pin Cushion in the latest issue of Pearl Necklace Zine.
After checking out of our hotel this morning, we headed down to La Defence to leave our suitcases at Alistair’s apartment. We spotted a film crew shooting a car commercial in between the buildings.
The AntiCraft
I interviewed gothic craft collective The AntiCraft for Venus Zine.


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