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Pillar Of Salt
We went to see The Thermals at Nice ‘N Sleazy’s in Glasgow tonight. Iain drove us there and back, while we made up some amazingly catchy songs in the back of the car. The support band were called A...
Le Tower de Eiffel
Tom and I got a chance to go exploring around Paris on our own today. We found a mini Statue of Liberty on the Seine. We went up the Eiffel Tower and there was a post office, so we wrote and sent ...
Bon Anniversaire
Today was Alistair’s birthday, so we picked up the most amazing cake from a Patisserie near our hotel and met him at a really pretty park. There was a little tower in the center of the park, which...
We're In Paris
We’re in Paris! After arriving in the city, our first sight was a crazy burnt-out motorbike. We made our way to the Ideal Hotel on Avenue Emile Zola which was very very pretty. We had a quick nap...
The AntiCraft
I interviewed gothic craft collective The AntiCraft for Venus Zine.


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