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Jenny's Birthday
Tonight was Jenny's 21st birthday party at the Abertay Union. This party was double up as leaving party before she flies off to Japan for a year. Tom and Iain were the DJs which was lots of fun.
Drawing In Stitches
I've been hard at work sewing the collection I'm going to have on sale at the DCA. It's got a heart-beat theme to it with love-heart phone cosies, phone charms and heart beat pouches. Finally, for...
Baby Seagulls
There's a seagull on our roof that has had a nest there for the last few months. Her babies hatched a couple of weeks ago and now they have started to walk around. They are so cute and fluffy.
Where I Craft
Today we went for a BBQ up at Camperdown and sat under a tree. Unfortunately, tiny little spiders started appearing everywhere, which kind of ruined our fun. Afterwards, we went to see Superman an...
Comic Book Look
We've redesigned my blog to give it a comic book look and I love it so much!


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