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The Dunderground
My parents brought me back to Dundee today and we went to the DCA where they had an exhibit about a fictional Dundee underground system which would be awesome.
Ways And Means
My Mum and I headed through to Edinburgh today. We found an amazing light-up bottle sculpture hidden in a little doorway. We then headed to Meadowbank Stadium to see Snow Patrol.
Puppetry Of The Penis
Calum took me to see Puppetry of The Penis in Edinburgh which was interesting and a bit sore looking. We went for drinks in the Pleasance afterwards where they were playing The Postal Service on a...
As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela
Tom and I went through to Edinburgh today for a belated birthday meal at Vittoria. I had a seafood pasta that had baby squids in and then we had ice cream and hot chocolates for dessert. It was rea...
BBQ Birthday
It was Tom's birthday today so we celebrated at my house with cake, presents and a BBQ in the rain. It started raining just before we were about to cook, so I sheltered in the doorway while making...
Software For Hardware
My work is on sale in the DCA shop, I finished it all at the weekend. Pop along there if you get the chance and comment in a loud voice about how you would like to see more of my work there please.
White City
This morning, Tom and I went to see the BBC at White City. It looks just like it does on TV. We spent the remaining time before catching our train home in the Apple Store. Tom lost his iPod :(
Kensington Roof Gardens
We got reacquainted with the transport system this morning, catching a bus to Fullham Broadway. We then caught the tube to Kensington High Street. We then went for a look around the Kensington Ro...
The World's End
We headed down to London again for the weekend this morning with my family. After arriving in the city, we walked the full length of the Kings Road to get to our hotel. On the way we stopped in ...
Birthday Drinks
Tonight we went out for birthday drinks at The Counting House. Everyone came and it was lots of fun. Instead of ordering drinks from the bar, we were ordering pitchers each and drank them with str...
The Notorious Bettie Page
I headed through to Edinburgh today to go shopping with my Mum. We saw Tommy Sheridan coming out of court. We visited Joey D who thinks Tom will end up with most of his collection before too long....


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