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Happy Halloween
It was cold but we went down to Little Venice to feed the ducks - such a lovely way to get rid of stale bread. I spotted this line of pumpkins outside of one of the mansion blocks on Clifton Road ...
Feeding The Squirrels At Holland Park
Today we got up really early and went to the opening of the new shopping centre Westfield. It’s a really big mall, filled with all the obvious shops, but it’ll be handy as it’s on our bus route and...
Little Venice
While my dad went off to explore the British Library today, my mum and I decided to walk down to Little Venice. My mum's a librarian and when she's on holiday she always likes to pop in to other l...
Martha Wainwright
This evening, I went to see Martha Wainwright at the Roundhouse in Camden with Tom and my Mum. Sean Adams gave us tickets and she was really really good.
Cook along with Gordon Ramsay
Today we went for lunch at The Warrington, a pub owned by Gordon Ramsay which is a few streets away from our house. There's an expensive restaurant upstairs but you can get lunch downstairs in the...
Spiders At The Tate
Today we went to Borough Market where it was Apple Day. The market was crowded and there were stalls selling apple juice, cider, apple pies and everything apple based you could name. There was even...
Handsome & Special
My parents arrived this evening. We're going to Paris in for a week but they have some time in London beforehand. Dragonette’s cats, Handsome and Special have been shipped over from Canada and the...
It was Tom's parents last night tonight, so we took them for dinner at the Skiddaw. I think we managed to give them a fun-filled touristy visit.
Biting My Tongue All Week
Today we went for a look around the the V&A. There's an amazing glass chandelier in the entrance way. I also loved the jewelry section, with all the sparkly rings, which are arranged to make a ...
Autumn Comforts
This morning we went for breakfast at the Narrowboat Cafe in Little Venice. It’s feeling really wintery outside now and Tom took this amazing photo of the canal. On the way home we stopped in to ...
Day Of The Dead
We’ve been preparing for Halloween and the new issue of Snippets is almost ready to launch, so here's a sneak peek of what to expect. I also made some Clay Sugar Skulls to give to my family. I dus...
Acid Tongue
Tonight we went to see Jenny Lewis (from Rilo Kiley) at Koko in Camden. I was reviewing it for Clash and we met up with Kate Price who treated us to drinks. It was a pretty good gig but a little mo...
The Devil's Girlfriend
This evening I made a Devil Horn Fascinator so that I could get a head start on my Halloween crafting. I made a pair of clay devil horns, which I covered in red glitter and then attached them to a ...
Paper Dolls In Paper Dresses
We went down to Canary Wharf today. It was strangely eery there with the falling stock market and job cuts. I like walking between the big buildings, it makes me feel like I’m in The Borrowers.
I was recently interviewed for Lola’s Land. I’m going to be their new resident DIY diva, so keep an eye out for my projects on there! I've been implementing some more of the techniques from Gettin...
Holland Park
I picked up lots of craft supplies from MacCulloch & Wallis, which is craft heaven with three floors stuffed full of hard to find bits and pieces. I’m also going to be making fascinators tonigh...
Warwick Avenue
We walked past Duffy at Maida Vale tube today... I wish it had been at Warrick Avenue so that we could have sang at her.
How To Win Friends And Influence People
It’s really starting to feel like autumn now. We've been going on lots of walks in the park and keeping warm with take out coffee. We think the lamp posts in Green Park look like the ones from Narn...
Concrete & Glass
Drowned in Sound has been running out of the Mews again this week, so our home office has been very busy. This evening we went to the Concrete & Glass festival (as Drowned in Sound) were spons...


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