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CO 42, K2, P2
We spent today present shopping for Christmas and I'm quite happy with what I've got so far. I’ve been watching everyone carefully over the past couple of months and anytime they've seen something ...
Tom has went up to Scotland for his graduation, so before he left, we went for sushi to celebrate.
 I Was Your Silver Lining, But Now I'm Gold
Today we went for lunch at Little Venice, but the Narrowboat Cafe was just closing when we arrived, so out of desperation we headed in to a nearby pub. We're so glad we did because it turned out t...
The Day Of The Dead Issue
Tom got me a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood necklace for Christmas today.
The Last Station
We were invited along to a test screening of James McAvoy's new film The Last Station tonight. It really wasn't very good and when we tried to escape early, so that we wouldn't have to go to the d...
Plan 9
I took Tom to Plan 9 today, a cool little cafe I discovered a couple of weeks back with my parents. The sandwiches are so good and they serve A&W root beer!


It was then time to catch the Eurostar back to London and see Tom at the other side.
Cracking Crème Brûlée With A Spoon
Today was the highlight of my trip when we went to Cafe des 2 Moulins, the two windmills cafe from the movie Amélie. It was amazing inside and just like the movie. They even had all the polaroids ...
Palace Of Versailles
Today was Dad's pick of things to do, so we headed off to the Palace of Versailles. We took a double decker RER train which took about an hour. When we arrived at the train station there was a ver...
In Paris
After an early start, we caught the Eurostar to Paris. It was so fast that I hardly even noticed when we were in the Channel Tunnel.


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