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Everything's The Rush
I interviewed Delays for Clash Magazine about their new album, Everything’s The Rush.
Fighting Crime, Trying To Save The World
Calum came through for an impromptu pub crawl around Dundee tonight. It was lots of fun because I don’t get to see him too much these days, as he lives down in Edinburgh. We started off at wethers...
The Independent
There was a little mention about Cut Out + Keep in an article in The Independent about fashion.
SilkFair Interview
I was interviewed by SilkFair about Cut Out + Keep.
Pleasure Beach
Today Tom and I went on a nostalgic and surreal to Portobello Beach. The town feels like it's stuck in the early 90's and is still bustling with gamblers, sun bathers and sightseers. We found an a...
Creative Dundee
There’s a nice little post about Cut Out + Keep on Creative Dundee, a new website showcasing the best of creativity in Dundee.
My Little City Girl
Cut Out + Keep was featured on My Little CityGirl today.
Almost the entire range of Pout cosmetic arrived for me in the mail today. Pout were my dream make-up company, so I was sad to find out that they had went out of business. This evening I queued an...
5000 Members
We've reached 5000 members on Cut Out + Keep which isn't too bad for just over 4 months since the community launched. Ww celebrated with a bottle of pink champagne and mussels.


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