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Bug 11
Tonight we went to Bug 11 with Tony at the BFI. Bug is a night that Adam Buxton hosts where he plays music videos and provides commentary. He played a really cool video with tilt-shift technology, ...
Little Fishy
We went to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus tonight, which was was okay but I loved the look of London in the film. I love the fish in the O2 Centre.
The dish of this week has been Pesto Omelettes, which I've been making for lunch. They're so simple and really tasty. This evening, I headed out with Tom on another one of his tube missions.
Stitched Flowers
Brini Maxwell sent me one of her awesome embroidery flower kits, so I’ve been stitching it up as a present for my Grandma.
Professional Organizer
I got to interview professional organiser, Jennifer Ford Berry about her new book Organize Now for the new issue of Snippets today.
Sean's Birthday
Today was Sean's birthday, so his friends who own The Albion pub in Kensington opened it up especially for him. We sat next to the fire, which made us feel sleepy and Catherine had got him a birthd...
How To Cook
I've been getting my craft space all organised today, so I made myself a Knitting Needle Pot. I covered a Pringles can with ribbons, to give it a cute patchwork effect. It's the perfect height for...
Underground Mission
We're back home in London now and it was so nice to see the Mews again. Our tree had only wilted a little, so we were sad to have to get rid of it. They always look so sorry sat on the side of the...
New Year's Day
We spent New Year’s day at Tom’s Aunty and Uncle’s house, where they had made the biggest trifle that I have ever seen.


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