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Trick Or Treat
Today was Halloween, my favourite day of the year, so we planned a party at the Mews. Tom did an amazing job with decorating - hanging orange and black streamers across the ceiling with dangly bat...
Kew Gardens
Today my Mum and I went to Kew Gardens. Kew was a lovely little town filled with coffee shops, organic delis and pumpkins. The gardens were huge and very picturesque, we had a sushi picnic next to...
Ahoy! Sailor
We spent today in Camden, starting with drinks and cake at the organic cafe. We then went costume shopping in the market and I got Tom an awesome sailor top for £8. Afterwards we headed to Nottin...
Zipper Face
My Mum brought me this amazing clipping of zombie make-up from the paper. I loved the zippered face look. It was Emma’s last day in the Mews, so we inhertited her sofa. She also gave me a gorgeou...
You Were Dead As The Leaves, Now You're New Like The Springtime
My Mum has come to visit for a few days and today we went for lunch in Holland Park. The squirrels were out in full force. They’re getting bigger and bigger every time we go and they were very hu...
On A Scale Of 1 to 10, You’re At Least 10 Million
We had a lazy day today, hanging around in Bayswater.
There’s only a few days until Halloween, so I made a Fang Necklace. The awesome thing about the necklace is that you can change the teeth to suit your mood.
Nanny State
Plan 9 do pancake Tuesdays and we had been meaning to have some for ages, so after work today we shared some apple & cinnamon ones. They said that they had made them “extra special” for their f...
I Ran In To My Ex, Put It In Reverse And Hit Him Again
I woke up to super cute belated birthday presents from one of my best friend, Miquette Breitenbach this morning. There was a pretty purse made from kimono fabric, which I’m now using as my make-up...
Wholesome Fun
This morning Sarah, Bruno, Dave, Ben, Emma, Tom and I went for lunch on the Narrowboat Cafe at Little Venice. We then went to feed the squirrels and peacocks in Holland Park, where we got scared b...
Tom got his hair cut today and then we went for free drinks at Grace bar in Piccadilly Circus. In the evening we went for dinner at Vapiano’s with Tony, Lynsey and Emma. We then went to the Troca...
Puppet Show
We met up with Emma, Andrew and Gary after work today and went for a drink in town. They attempted to cheer Emma up with a puppet show and lollipop but she wasn't impressed. We were then invited t...
Going Postal
I’ve been super sick for the past few days which hasn't been fun. My new business cards arrived from today. They have Barbie Cat on the front and the back is like a postcard,...
Cha Cha Moon
I spent today helping Raven pack and then we headed out for her last night on town, starting off at Yauatcha for tea. They had an amazing macaroon selection and sell absinthe cake. Tom wants his t...


Tonight we went for sushi with Emma and her twin, Ashley. We had some pre-dinner cocktails in Wetherspoon's where Ashley's cocktail didn't even leave the pitcher. We then to see Up in 3D, which w...
How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?
We were woken up this morning by someone playing the "How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?". We pulled ourselves together and headed down to Westbourne Park for brunch at Harlem. I had bluebe...
Red Velvet
Tonight was Raven’s leaving party, which was very sad but also a lot of fun. The Mews looked amazing with pretty candles everywhere. There was also a gigantic red velvet cake from Humming bird whi...
The Lucky Victims
Time Out London had vouchers for free cocktails around London, so we went on a cocktail crawl, starting off at Lab in Soho. It was a fancy cocktail bar where the drinks took around ten minutes to m...
Healthy New Year
In an attempt to eat healthy, we scoured through the cook book collection in hunt of inspiration for new tasty recipes to try. After noting down a bunch of tasty and healthy ingredients, we put in ...
Hold Out Your Hand, Say Please
The Prince Charles had this awesome sign outside today. We decided to give Central Perk another try, so we met up with Lynsey and headed along. Once again the queue was around the corner, so we we...
Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants
I got the most awesome book in the mail this morning, called Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo. I want to go and see them all one day, especially the Curl Up Cafe, where you get to snuggle up wi...
Bunny Clip
I made Jason McColm a bunny card for his birthday, complete with a rabbit clip for his shoe.
The Horror Issue
It’s been another busy weekend. We launched the The Horror Issue of Snippets with Amanda Palmer on the cover. We’ve also got interviews with Girl In A Coma, hoola-hoop expert Gypsy Hoops, a guide t...
I ordered some business cards for Snippets from Moo and they arrived this morning. They come in four different colours and have all the covers on the front.
God Save The Cream
We went for more ice cream from The Icecreamists at Selfridges again tonight. We had vouchers for rose ice cream cones but the nice man let us choose any flavors we wanted and we got to try lots o...
I’m The Hero Of This Story. Don’t Need To Be Saved
After work today, we went for a walk around Holland Park. I’m so happy it’s October, my favourite month of the year because I love Autumn and Halloween is just around the corner. There was a super...


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