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Dragon Festival
Today we got to hang out with Lynsey, who’d spotted a Chinese river boat festival mentioned in Time Out London, which sounded good but when we got there it wasn’t what we expected.
The Teaches Of Peaches
We headed over to Tatty Devine on Brick Lane to see Peaches today. She was signing records and jewelry boxes.
Teacup Candle
I turned the chipped teacup that Clare gave me in to a Teacup Candle today. I added a few drops of cinnamon essential oil and a sprinkle of glitter.
The Thermals
Tonight we went to see The Thermals at Cargo in Shoreditch. They played all the classics and got very sweaty.
Rainbow Kitchen
Tom ordered me a surprise from Amazon and it arrived today looking all wrapped up and pretty. It was a set of rainbow stacking measuring cups and bowls from Joseph Joseph. They look so pretty and...
Ealing Broadway
We picked up some amazing macaroons from Laduree Tea Rooms this morning. The licorice and pistachio ones are sooooooo good. We then went on an impromptu trip to Ealing Broadway, as there was a fan...
Never Trust A Carnie
I was on the hunt for awesome vintage birthday present ideas this weekend, so our first stop today was the Button Willow Bazaar at the St Aloysius Social Club. Tom tried failed to “bat the rat” and...
Red Shoes
My new red shoes arrived and they're so pretty. I love the way the straps cross. Tom bumped in to Henry (from The Inbetweeners) again today. Last time we saw him he went on of a tour of our Mews, ...
The Summer Holiday Issue
We've just launched Snippets 15, the Summer Holiday issue. We’ve got an interview with too cool hip-hop artist Princess Superstar - she was super cool and really in to animals, being a raw vegan an...
Irregular Choice Party
Tom’s shiny new Squire Supersonic guitar arrived this morning and he’s been running around playing it ever since. It’s very sparkly and pretty. Tonight was the Irregular Choice party at their sto...
Hail Storm
There was a crazy hailstone thunderstorm today. Tom made mojitos to drink while we watched the lightening. The kitties came in and hid from the hail under our dining table. There are little paw p...
I Found Love On The Northern Line
When Bruce came to stay he gave us a voucher for the London Transport Museum to say thanks, so we clubbed together and got a moquette cube to match our cushion. It was handy to take home because w...
Space Invader
We headed in to town to do some shopping today and Tom was excited to try a can of strawberry Fanta, which tasted like melted ice lollies. I've started spotting Space Invaders all over London. The...
8 Out Of 10 Cats
We went to the filming of 8 Out Of 10 Cats at BBC television centre tonight. Lynsey came along too. She always brings yummy treats and tonight she brought chocolate truffles that had a cat in Londo...
Tom ordered himself an awesome Vivienne Westwood, Do It Yourself Manifesto top and a pretty Nymph’s skirt for me, I love it so much. Sean Adams came round to work from the Mews today.
Mulberry Street
Tom ordered take-out pizza from Mulberry Street for dinner tonight. I think it may have been the biggest pizza ever. Handome came in to watch The Apprentice with us tonight.
The Science Of Sleep
I’ve always had trouble sleeping, so my cousin suggested making a hops Sleeping Pillow and so I did. Just smelling it makes me sleepy.
Jesus H Foxx
Tonight we went to Westfield for a bite to eat at Yo! Sushi. Tom was talking about Mary Portas and when we looked up, she was standing in front of us looking at what was on the sushi belt – it was...
Back To The 80's
The latest issue of Venus Zine has hit the shelves with my article for making your own legal party drugs. The article includes recipes for making tequila muffins (to be eaten with miracle berries),...
Strawberry Scented Smoke
My uncle Bruce stopped in for a flying visit today. He had been on holiday in Spain, Morocco and Italy and was spending one last day in London before flying back to Vancouver. We got to spend the ...


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