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More Carnival
We stopped by Plan 9 to fuel up for more carnival today and I had pistachio cake which was really nice. We headed off to the Notting Hill Carnival again today with Emma and Raven. We had planned t...
Notting Hill Carnival
This bank holiday weekend is the Notting Hill Carnival. It started really early this morning, so we woke up to the smell of BBQs and the bass from the sound systems. We headed down with Tom’s brot...
I’ve almost finished my quilt, I’m just waiting for the batting I ordered to arrive and then I can sew it on the back.
Rocking Ice
I didn't feel too great when I woke up this morning and looking at our recycling, it’s easy to see why. We tried out our guitar shaped ice moulds and they worked well. Ben Kweller phoned us up th...
Party Time In The Mews
For my birthday, Tom gave ma a gift voucher for MAC Cosmetics, where I got to go along and have a makeover and then get the products they used.
I’ve been trying to be more creative, so I hunted out my watercolour paints and played around for a while yesterday. I painted a picture about my favourite snack macarons!
There was a postal strike on my birthday, so this morning all of my delayed mail and presents arrived, including this awesome Cat Morley stamp, which Tom designed for me. Jennifer Ann Smith sent u...
My Birthday At The Zoo
It was my birthday today and when I woke up this morning, I found a package of Chanel goodies left outside the door by Emma and Tom had got me a rainbow zip bracelet, a Play TV so that I can record...
Henry The Hoover
Henry the Hoover arrived and he’s a terrible hoover but a cute friend for Wall-E. The beer for our party arrived and I'm not sure if we over ordered. Also, Tom set up our new bottle opener from S...
Battersea Park
We had brunch at Plan 9 this morning with Emma. Afterwards we went shopping in Sloane Square, where we had Appletizer in wine glasses at the Peter Jones cafe. We then went to see a weird exhibiti...
Record Shopping At Rough Trade
Today was an adventure day with Martyn. We got up super early for breakfast with Emma (although she slept in) and headed to Plan 9, where Martyn claimed that he’d “had the best breakfast he’d ever ...
City Dweller
Martyn came down to visit today, so we met up with him and headed to Little Venice for food and to meet Isobel, his friend from primary school. Afterwards we headed in to town and went to see the ...
Coco Before Chanel
We went to see Coco Before Chanel tonight. It was quite good but the best part was at the end when she had her fashion show. I'd like to see from the part of the movie onwards. Also, Joshua Pilesk...
I Want To Do Bad Things To You
Our neighbours bad habits are started to mess up the Mews and get on our nerves. Tom swept up all the cigarettes tonight and we couldn't believe how many there were. We came third in the pub quiz ...
Sean had been given double guest list places for The National, so he invited us along but when we arrived, the PR had noticed their mistake. We went for a wander along the South Bank instead, where...
The Struggle Of The Century
Today we decided to go out cycling on the rent-a-bikes at Kensington Olympia. However, when we arrived the machine said “Low Battery” and we couldn’t get them out. We’ve signed up to the service n...
Picnic On Primrose Hill
Our chilli shoots have been growing well over the past few weeks but one of them has done really well! It was such a hot day, so we met up with Lynsey and Claire and went for a picnic on Primrose ...
Hang Proud
Hang Proud say they love Cut Out + Keep, yay!
Alt Fashion 13
The latest issue of Alt fashion magazine arrived and includes my tutorial for making a Gothic Lolita Cuff.
This morning we went for brunch at Plan 9 with Raven. Even the waitress commented on how awesome her “heart attack bagel” looked. It was a proper rockstar breakfast. I won weekend tickets to Sonsi...
Cupcakes, Cocktails & Crossstitch
Today we headed east to Shoreditch where we discovered The Real Fight Club. We then went to Cupcakes, Cocktails & Crossstitch hosted by Phil Davison at the Queen Of Hoxton.


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