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With A Bow

Today we went for brunch with Lynsey, Claire and Emma at Plan 9.

We then had the cheapest round ever at the Warrington, where they only charged us for one coffee in a round of six.

We then walked down to Portobello Road and got cupcakes from Hummingbird.

Monkey Park

Today was amazing, we went to Monkey Park (which my Dad has named monkey farm), which turned out to be the best zoo I’ve ever been too. We went early, so we had the whole park to ourselves and you were free to walk through the enclosures with all the animals running around you.


Today we drove up to the top of the volcano. It's so high up that it's above the clouds, which makes the roads really misty and eerier as you approach the top.

We stopped for French Onion Soup before we hit the top. It had a fried egg and bits of bread in it and was delicious.

Santa Cruz, You're Really Not That Far

Today we drove to Santa Cruz, which is the main city of the island (Tom sang The Thrills song at me). It was really modern but there were a few really old buildings and ruins mixed in between the new which was interesting.

Going Down To Pirate Town

Today we decided to escape the tourism of the resort by driving up the mountain. The streets were very windy and quite scary in places.

We stopped to take in the sights along the way including the huge cliffs at Los Gigantes.

Flowers Sleeping In Their Beds

Ola! Our first day of the holiday was spent around the town we’re staying. We went swimming in the hotel pool this morning and then took a walk along the coast.

We dipped our feet in the sea, which was surprisingly warmer than the pool.

Read Music / Speak Spanish

After a super tiring flight (screaming kids and snoring old men – I slept while drowning them out with Bright Eyes), we made it to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, just off the west coast of Africa. It’s lovely and hot at this time of year, which makes a pleasant change from the rainy London we left behind. The island looked quite ominous from the plane, with it’s huge volcano (which my Dad tells me is still active) sticking up through the clouds.

A Heavenly Day At Ladurée

My Dad gave me a voucher at Christmas so I could go to Macarons Ladurée and have macaroons, so we headed along to Harrods today to have some.

I spotted some macaroon jewellery in one of the shops.

Lady Dragon

My Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes arrived today and I love them so much. I’ll have to wait until the weather improves before I can wear them out.


It's been snowing again! I had a really productive day at work today but Tom came home early from LEAP ANYWHERE as the internet stopped working.

Mac N Cheese

Our Christmas tree hardly wilted at all this year and still looked really pretty so we were sad to have to throw it out today.

I'm going to start taking photos of all the crazy hedges around Maida Vale. I think this one is suppose to be a rabbit.


In an attempt to eat super healthy in 2010, I signed up to graze.

They deliver healthy snack boxes filled with nuts, fruits and seeds every week. Let me know if you fancy a free box and I’ll give you a code!


We got up really early this morning to meet Emma for breakfast at Plan 9. I had tasty French Toast. Emma got a really cool envelope wallet for Christmas and I really want to make one.

After breakfast we jumped on a bus up to Ikea at Wembley and Emma came too. We picked up a new TV bench, bedside table and some other bits and pieces. Tom treated us to hotdogs and we caught a taxi back to ours.

Back To Work

My recipe for Absinthe Lollipops is in the latest issue of Alt Noir Magazine.

After a nice sleep in this morning, we headed to the newly refurbished Plan 9 for brunch. They were lovely and chatty like they always are.

New Year's Day Parade

We had a lazy morning today, after waking up oddly refreshed, before heading in to town to see the New Year's Day parade along Piccadilly. It was strangely American.

Tom bought me an awesome red star Cath Kidston umbrella. It's really lightweight and perfect for toting around in my bag.


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