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Today Halloween, my favourite day of the year and not only because I get to wear my Vivienne Westwood horns out in public. We started the day by making a leaf wreath for the door.
A few months ago Amy Doan from Sugarpill Cosmetics sent me a box of make-up to play around with and it arrived this morning. The packaging is so pretty and I love the colours!
Tom's Last Day Of Work
Today was Tom’s last day of work, so I picked him up from the LEAP ANYWHERE office for the last time ever. But don't worry, there's still plenty of other employees left in Soho...
Surprise Leaving Party
The sky was a really pretty colour when I left the house this afternoon. We were invited to the opening of a new store called NW3 in Westfield today. As well as champagne, we were given an awesome...
Tatty Devine
Tatty Devine sent me a box of awesome jewellery which arrived this morning. I’m going to be making a record earring holder with the Volume Brooch in the middle.
Naughty Alice
Tom surprised me when he got him from work with a Tiffany & Co. letter charm! It’s like an envelope on the back, with Tiffany’s New York shop address on the front and has a little diamond for t...
Leap Cushions
After a marathon sewing session last night, Tom and I had finished our goodbye present for the LEAP ANYWHERE office, which was a set of Leap CR letter cushions!
The Windsor Castle
We took Tony for his first ever Plan 9 brunch and Louise came along too. Louise brought along some glittery tattoo stuff she’d got in Top Shop and gave me a sugar skull tattoo on my hand.
After a bit of “top secret” fabric shopping on Goldhawk Road this morning, we went for a walk around Holland Park, where I saw this lovely leaf wreath on someone’s door. I’m going to make one!
8 Days Magazine
Cut Out + Keep is in the latest issue of 8 Days Magazine in Singapore! One of our members was nice enough to scan the page for us.
If You Have To Cry, Go Outside
Kelly Cutrone was in London signing copies of her book at the Illamasqua store in Soho today, so we went along to meet her. The shop was really busy, so we didn't think we'd get a chance but when t...
Acton Depot Open Day
I woke up with a cold on this morning, so after lazing around for a few hours we decided to make the most of the rest of the day. After visiting the “real” Paddington Bear at Paddington station, we...
Smythson Of Bond Street
Today started off a little bit rainy, so we headed to Harrods, where I still had money from my macaroon birthday gift card to spend. We headed straight to the toy section, where they had Cyndi Lau...
Chipfork Necklace
I finally got around to making my version of Tatty Devine's awesome A Chipfork Necklace. It was my first time using the Dremel my Dad gave me for my birthday a few years ago.
The Social Network
We went for lunch in Holland Park today. I didn’t believe Norman Tallman when he said a heat wave was headed our way, but for a day in October, today was sunny and warm.
Highgate East Cemetery
We headed up north to Hampstead and then to Highgate today, where we had a quick look around Kenwood House. It reminded me of Versailles inside. The had a huge display of shoe buckles which were ...
Daisy Rock Contest
Daisy Rock Guitars are giving away an amazing pink guitar on Cut Out + Keep, so make sure to enter for your chance to win!
Gypsy Hoops Necklace
I made a Gypsy Hoops Necklace today which is the second project I’ve made for Beads Unlimited.
Merlotte's T-Shirt
I love True Blood and with Halloween just around the corner, I decided to make my own True Blood Merlotte waitress t-shirt.
Owl Army
My Owl Cushions seem to be taking over the internet, with new versions showing up everyday. Soon we’ll be able to make a little army of them!
Black Magic
We launched The Black Magic issue of Snippets today with Official Audrey Kitching on the cover. We’ve got Medusa's Make-Up swag and lots of awesome things to get you ready for Halloween.
Facebook Party
We headed over to Spitalfields today, where Japanfest was on, so there were lots of girls dressed up as lolitas. We were tempted to go but it wasn't getting good reviews on twitter, so we decided ...
Oh Comely
This morning we went brunching with Lynsey around Little Venice. The leaves are changing colour and everything looks so pretty. This is my favourite time of year! Afterwards we headed to Paddingt...
Beaded Rabbit Ears
Tonight was Drowned in Sound's 10th birthday party in a warehouse in East London. On the way home I picked up a hairband and decided to make myself a pair of Beaded Rabbit Ears.


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