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Glam Publisher Party
This evening was the publisher party. Glam are an advertising agency we’ve just joined and have so far earned us £2.14. The party was at St Barnabus House, an ex-homlesss shelter which h...
In Good Company
Company Magazine asked us to send over lots and lots of photos of us for the interview they’re doing with us. We didn’t have any, so Louise Blackwood kindly volunteered to come over and take some w...
Fast & Loose
Lynsey had tickets for Fast & Loose at the BBC. So we all headed along with Louise, Tony, Claire and the kitten mittens. It was Louise’s first time at Television Centre so she was excited by t...
Singing Lesson With Princess Superstar
Meantime Brewery were giving out free beer in Soho today. They also had a photobooth in the back of a taxi cab. It tasted quite nice and the bottles were really pretty. We called in to LEAP ANYWHE...
Alice By Temperley
This evening was Alice by Temperley’s first birthday party at Paradise by way of Kensal Green. The party was nice and close to the Mews – lucky as I was wearing heels!
Digital Lego Box
Movies during the daytime are the best and super cheap! Today we went to see Unstoppable about a train which can’t stop. They’ve got an awesome photobooth in the W9 Centre which gives you two stri...
We got tickets for a mystery TV show tonight. All we were told was to turn up to a Cabaret Club under London Bridge. The club was really cool (the same place they hosted Torture Garden) and we wer...
Here's One I Made Earlier
This morning we went on a tour of BBC Television Centre. Cat Deeley was doing filming for So You Think You Can Dance outside. We got to see BBC News which was very cool and the studios where a wea...
We Are The Mittens
I bought the cutest pair of mittens today! I spotted a girl with them on the train yesterday and asked where she’d got them… she also had the matching hat. I’ve been putting on puppet shows with th...
The Art And Pirate Walk
Today we headed back to Deptford to take my parents on a art and pirate walk. We started with lunch on the train carriage. I love their butternut squash. We studied our map over cake and then it ...
Back To The Future
Luckily I was feeling well enough to go out today and Tom’s Dad was in London, so we travelled in to town to meet him. I started making a candy wrapper bracelet on the tube… it’s a good-on-the-go-c...
London Is Better Than Paris
Oh dear… I got seriously ill with food poising when we got home from Paris. I wish I hadn't had that takeout from Quick. Ick ick ick. I was too sick to go out today, so my Mum and Dad went off on ...
It’s A Small World After All
After checking out of the hotel we headed up to Montmarte and Sacre Couer. These steps remind me so much of Amelie but what you don’t see in the movie are the “string men of Sacre Couer” who accos...
Disney Land
After breakfast at the hotel we caught a double decker RER train to M.L.V Chessy. We then went to Disney Land today. The Last time I visited I was 9 years old and it was just as magical this time.
One Day We’ll Live In Paris
Tom and I decided to treat ourselves to an impromptu trip to Paris! This was my fourth visit to the city and each time I’ve been, it’s been November or December, which I hear is the best time to go.
Princess And The Frog
We went for lunch with Lynsey at Ca'ppucino in Westfield today. I had a tasty panini which came on a plank. I dropped my laptop off at the Apple Store, which is getting it's DVD drive fixed.
Le Pain Quotidien
The Apple Care was about to expire on my MacBook, so I decided to take it in for repair to fix the CD drive today. Afterwards we went for coffee and a biscuit platter at Le Pain Quotidien.
Today was the Tatty Devine press day which was fantastic. Tom thinks they’re getting better with each season and I’ve got to agree. Their spring / summer collection is all fantasy with crystals, st...
Mr Warwick Avenue (aka Tim Pinn, now we’ve been introduced) was back with a new sign today. We headed to One New Change, a fancy new shopping centre at St. Paul’s where there was a tech coffee mor...
Starworks Press Day
Today was the Starworks Press Day, which had three floors of designers showcasing their Spring/Summer collections with everything from wetsuit bikinis to paperclip print dresses.
Record Earring Holder
Tonight I made a Record Earring Holder for Tatty Devine. I put the volume brooch in the middle and it looks so good with all of their jewellery on.
Autumn in Queens Park
This morning we met up with Louise Blackwood for brunch at our favourite spot, Jack's in Queens Park. I had eggs royale with a side of hash browns and mushrooms. They were delicious!
The Deptford Project
After a two hour bus ride to South East London we ended up at The Deptford Project. Hidden behind a few crazy market streets, The Deptford Project described itself as a “weekend creative industries...
Remember Remember
Regents Street has it’s pretty Christmas lights up again this year. I like the umbrella one the most. Etsy and Moo had a meet-up at the Blurb pop up shop tonight, so we went along to that and had ...


Matinees are the best. Today we went to see Red, which was really good and comic booky. There was a strange leaf block pattern on the street.
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Today was our first proper day of work together on Cut Out + Keep so we headed out for coffee in Holland Park to discuss our plans for the site. It's going to be really exciting!
Voodoo Doll
Today was Tom’s first official day at Cut Out + Keepbut, before he could get started, it was time for brunch. Lynsey Munn slept over the night before (because it was Halloween and the night bus wou...


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