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Pass The Pattern
Clare has an awesome new blog called Pass The Pattern and she’s written a little post about Cut Out + Keep.
Martini Party
We went to see Youth In Revolt, an awesome film with Michael Cera at the Trocadero. It was a strange cinema and you could hear the other movies through the walls.
The Lovely Bones
This evening we went to see The Lovely Bones at The Coronet, which is an awesome cinema in Notting Hill which does £3.50 movies on a Tuesday. The movie was weird but it did have lots of crafting at...
Wake Up Cave Girl
Although we’re still recovering from jet lag, this week is London Fashion Week, so we had to be up super early for the Betty Jackson fashion show this morning.
Cat Army
We picked up our London Fashion Week passes after work today. I can't wait until the weekend when we've got a bunch of shows to attend.
Beaten Down By The Dirty South
We got up early this morning, still recovering from Mardi Gras and packed up to leave. Our suitcases where so much heavier after packing in all the beads. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the ho...
Mardi Gras
Today was Mardi Gras, so we all got dressed up in our costumes. Tom dressed like a sailor and I was excited to take my mermaid tail for a spin. We only had 30 hours in the city, so we were determin...
Alabama Baby Say Hallelujah
When we went for breakfast this morning, the dining carriage had been decorated for Mardi Gras. The staff were all so friendly but they'd spelt it as Mardi Gars. The Railroad French Toast was so y...
Leaving New York
Happy Valentine's day, we're going to be spending it on a train. After leaving New York an hour late, we caught the Amtrak Crescent train on our journey to New Orleans. The journey was 30 hours lo...
New York, I Love You
Yesterday was our last full day in New York and we had already ticked off everything on our to-see list apart from the Statue Of Liberty. So early in the morning, we took the Staten Island ferry an...
Empire State Engagement
Manhattan does breakfast very well and this morning we went to the City Girl Cafe in Soho. New Yorkers seem to love nuts just as much as I do. Afterwards we went to Tarina Tarantino’s shop which w...
Coney Island
This morning we went for breakfast at Clinton Street Bakery, a bakery that Plan 9 had recommended as the place they aspire to be.
Breakfast At Tiffany's
While we slept, “snowmageddon” hit New York and we woke up to find the city covered in thick snow. We weren’t going to let that spoil our fun though! Paul (who’s Tom’s 2nd cousin’s husband) joined ...
Gotham City
We got up early this morning and headed to Heathrow in time for our flight to New York. There were double, maybe even triple security checks which we weren't expecting. Our flight was 7 hours but ...
Too Young To Die
On a whim, I decided I’d have a go at sewing a Vivienne Westwood style dress today. This was the first dress I’ve ever tried to make, so it went really well.
Too Fast To Live
Tom also surprised me with a new Vivienne Westwood necklace tonight. He also got himself a pair of lucky socks and a set of offensive coasters.
Craft Business
The secret cafe inside House of Fraser has closed down but we discovered a new little place called Ca’puccino which serves yummy Italian food. I had a really tasty tart for my lunch. There were f...
Union Jack Pilows
I've been super crafty today and quilted a pair of Union Jack Pillows for the bed. “Someone” brought me a heap of CHANEL ribbons to use and they worked really well.


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