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Duncan was down in London today, so this evening we went for cocktails with Lynsey, Louise and Claire. Wednesday was 2-for-4 cocktails for ladies but the bar staff didn't seem to mind us buying the...
Flat Hunting
Yay, Louise Blackwood is back from Korea and today she was down in London for a job interview, so I met her for lunch at Plan 9.
Some People Go To Church But We Have Brunch
This morning, 7am to be exact, Emma (armed with her waffle iron) and Ashley came over to the Mews to watch the F1. We’ve decided to have a go at getting in to different sports, like we did with Wim...
Eel Pie Island
This morning we had brunch with Emma and Ashley at Plan 9 before heading to a very disappointing chocolate festival on the South Bank. Tom and I then went up to the top of the OXO Tower, where you...
Hotel Chocolat
Tonight we had an indulgent night in with movies, pink champagne and Hotel Chocolats which Ben & Dave gave us at our engagement party. They were amazing!
Pink Champagne
Tonight, Barney came over to drink the champagne with us, while we nibbled on cheese and crackers and listened to records.
Surprise Engagement Party
Emma had tried to plan a surprise brunch / engagement party, but our reservation at Fifteen fell through so we all ended up at The Diner in Kensal Rise, which was equally as awesome. The hard shak...
My Favourite Neon Sign
Johnny McRoberts sent us a Patti Smith book and some mix CDs – can’t wait to have a listen and read! It was a super grey day in London today, so we headed out on an adventure to cheer ourselves up...
The Diner
Tom and I decided to head up to Kensal Rise today where we found another branch of The Diner, so we went for root beer and Diner fries.
Japanese Kit Kats
Jennifer Ann Smith sent us some yummy Japanese KitKats and a letter written on the back of a puzzle (it took us a long time to put it together) to congratulate us on our engagement.
Crafts Beautiful
Cut Out + Keep has a mention in the latest issue of Crafts Beautiful Magazine.
Tonight we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Lots of people were complaining about being disappointed but I really enjoyed it. It was pretty to look at!
Comedy Store
The metal straws that I ordered arrived today. They're so awesome and work great when drinking cold drinks. Alex took us to the Comedy Store tonight, where we got to see 11 different comedians. It...
Brunch at The Diner
Luckily my neck had recovered enough to make it to Sunday brunch today which was at The Diner this week. We had to wait an hour for a table and the service was soooo slow. Lynsey wore her 3 D Glass...
Ned's Noodles
I'm still injured and had to spend most of yesterday and today in bed. Luckily for me, Tom discovered the awesome Neds Noodle bar, who deliver and have the cutest website ever. The noodles were re...
Cut Out + Keep Library
We've been super busy on Cut Out + Keep this week and now we have videos on projects too. Also, we launched this awesome book and magazine library, where publishers have been sharing sample how-to ...


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