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Scottish Sunburn
We spent today with Tom's Mum, sitting in their lovely garden. I somehow managed to get sunburn (in Scotland, how?) and now have an uneven tan down one arm. She cooked us a delicious lunch of pita...
After waking up at Miquette Breitenbach's house this morning, we headed to the Roseleaf bar cafe to meet up with our parents for breakfast.
This morning, Tom's brother Jack Waddington gave us a lift through to Edinburgh. He drives a yellow car, so it was funny watching out the window to see if anyone hit each other.
We’re back in Scotland! We went to La Gondola tonight to celebrate Jim Waddington's birthday. I love Italian food.
Sitting Trackside
Today we went to see the London Rollergirls bout Smack To The Future up in Tottenham Hale. We felt typically British watching “the game” with our beers.
The Glitz & Glam Issue
We launched issue 19 of Snippets today. This one is the Glitz & Glam issue with Tarina Tarantino on the cover. We have interviews with RockLove (+ a giveaway), Cake Wrecks (which is sooooo funn...
Today we went to see the buttefly exhibit at the National History Museum. There were so many pretty little butterflies and flowers everywhere. They kept landing on everyone and some people had to ...
Parliamentary Waffle House
Bompas and Parr are running a Parliamentary Waffle House in Soho this week, so we all headed along after work. You could choose between a Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative Waffle. This is t...
Cherry Blossom
We're so happy now that it’s starting to feel like summer again. We went for lunch at Plan 9 today and sat out in the lovely sunshine. Afterwards, we decided to work out lunch off with a walk arou...


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