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Quilted Shoulder Bag
I finished sewing my Quilted Shoulder Bag today. It's the perfect summer bag because it's so light and easy to carry.
Seeing Red
I met Tom in Soho after work and we went for a smoothie at Profile. We picked up cupcakes from Humming bird and headed back to Maida Vale.
World Cup
Louise Blackwood came over to watch the World Cup today, so we put the TV in the doorway and the sofa outside. She tried to explain the offside rule to us.
Deer In Richmond
The weather was to be 30 degrees this weekend, so we headed to Victoria Station with the hope to go to Brighton, but the ticket prices were too high. We went for a picnic in Battersea Park, where ...
Purple Shoes
The purple shoes I wanted from Jones The Bootmaker were on sale, so Tom picked them up for me on his way home from work tonight.
The Diner
We met up with Louise for a milkshake at the Diner tonight. We sat out in the garden but they'd left Little Britain on the TV playing really loudly, so it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been.
Gourmet Burger Company
We went for dinner at the Gourmet Burger Company tonight where I had a tasty veggie burger. They have computers at each of the tables, so you can browse the menu and order directly.
Suggested Share
Today was our big presentation at the Facebook conference at the Barbican Centre, in front of all the tech press. We arrived early to get set up and they gave us a tour of the theatre. Tom tried to...
Facebook Hackathon
Today we took part in the Facebook Hackathon which was held at the fancy Dare offices near Oxford Circus. I had an idea for a cool sharing system for Cut Out + Keep a few weeks ago, so when we hea...
Animals In Holland Park
Holland Park never fails to cheer me up on a dull day in London. We didn’t have too much to do today, so we avoided the busy shops and headed for peace and quiet (with sushi and whoopie pies) in t...
The Guardian
Cut Out + Keep has a mention in an article about dressmaking in The Guardian.
I made Tom a Git Hub Octocat to be his little coding mascot. We might get to meet Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook on Monday, so hopefully he'll come in handy.
I met Tom after work today and we went for frogurt from Snog. It's guilt free apart from the mini oreos on top. We walked past a street of builders having a party which looked like fun.
Union Jack Pin Cushion
I finished cross-stitching my Union Jack Pin Cushion today. It also sewed an elastic wristband through it and it's really handy when sewing.
Lonely Hearts
A bunch of goodies from Saddle Creek Records arrived in the mail for Tom this morning. Tom’s Aunty and Uncle were down in London this evening, so we went for dinner and the pub quiz at the Warring...
Dinosaur Bone Necklace
I finished making a Dinosaur Bone Necklace for a certain somebody's birthday present today. It's made from shrink plastic and took hours and hours of fiddly cutting with an x-acto knife to make bu...
Secret Engagement
Dave proposed to Mel today in a coffee shop in Buckinghamshire. He had invited us a few days before and we did our best to keep it a secret. Dave sang The Proclaimer’s song “Let’s Get Married” bef...
Fairy Tales That Drugged Us
We all decided to meet for a picnic in Hyde Park after work today. Louise, Lynz and her new flatmate, Nicola came too. Dave & Mel’s friends were far more professional at picnicing that us. We ...
You Win Nothing
We went to see Sex & The City 2 tonight, which I was really looking forward to but I really didn't enjoy it. I loved the You Win Absolutely Nothing packaging on the BrewDog beers.


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