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St. Albans
Today we took a trip out to St. Albans. My Dad loves history so it was on his list of places to see. We started by looking around the Cathedral. We then had a picnic in the park, it was such a lo...
Beer O’clock At The Brewery
This morning we went to explore Leadenhall Market which I spotted in the movie The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and thought looked interesting.
Tea Time
My parents came down to visit today so I took them to my new favourite lunch spot, Gail’s Bread in Queen’s Park. They do amazing pasta salads. They also make really good chocolate chip cookies, wh...
Sailor Dress
Ahoy! I finally finished my sailor dress. This is the second dress that I’ve made and I think I have the hang of it. It has big bulky pockets at either side (I love pockets on dresses), metal butt...
Edinburgh Bus Blind
I met Tom on his way home from work tonight and we went for a drink in Starbucks at Maida Vale. Tom made a frame for his bus blind, painted it black and put it on the wall. The blind is from a rea...
Hampton Court
Tom’s parents have been in Italy so they stopped by to see us on their way home. They brought us some cute wooden animal cocktail stick holders. We went for lunch at Gail’s Bread in Queen’s Park. ...
Leap Night Out
Tonight, I was invited on the first ever LEAP ANYWHERE office night out, which included lots of cocktails, Moroccan food and shisha.
Alloy Girl
This evening we went for a picnic in Holland Park with Sarah & Bruno. They'd brought so much food and we sat until it went dark. Sarah's about to start work on an exciting new film and I can't ...
Sew Today
There’s an article about the projects I’ve made for Brother Sewing UK in the latest issue of Sew Today Magazine.
Oxford & Reading
Today we went on an adventure to Oxford, we jumped on a train at Paddington and arrived nice and early. Oxford which felt a lot like St. Andrews and there were groups of Italian school children ev...
Saddle Creek Decks
We used our Saddle Creek Records gift wrap as wallpaper to put behind the decks and it looks awesome!
Louise's Birthday
It's Louise Blackwood's birthday today, so I made a batch of Whoopie Pies and we attempted to surprise her with a box of them, complete with lit candles on her way home from work. I made muesli who...
Rhod Gilbert
After work today, Tom and I went to see Rhod Gilbert’s new radio show. Rhod was really funny but I find his co-host, the teacher on The Inbetweeners really loud and annoying. We had to hand in comm...
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Today was Louise’s Mad Hatter’s tea party in Queen’s Park. The first of many events stretching over a week for her birthday. I wore a fascinator that I made in hat making class and Tom wore his sa...
Whoopie Pies
I baked whoopie pies tonight. It was my first attempt but they turned out perfectly and I even invented my own Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies.
Sailor Boy
Tom surprised me tonight when he came home with a box of macaroons. We sat out in the sun and enjoyed them. Also his Vivienne Westwood sailor top which I bought for him arrived and it's awesome!
You Spin Me Right Round
This morning we went for brunch at Jack’s up in Queen’s Park. It’s such a lovely area, with lots of fancy shops, restaurants and bakeries. It’s only a 10 minute walk from the Mews, so we’ve really ...
Born On Brighton Pier
The hot weather lured us back to Brighton today, so we packed up the picnic blanket and headed to the beach. I started reading Kelly Cutrone's book If You Have to Cry Go Outside on the train. I hop...
Hit The Road Jack
Tom’s brother Jack Waddington came down to stay, as he has an art show at Truman Brewery. His work included a photograph of him naked in a quarry next to two giant diggers and a series of photograp...


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