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New Year's Eve
We went for lunch at the Pillars of Hercules today, which has become a bit of a NYE tradition. I had been craving the veggie burger and it tasted just as good as I was imaging it to be. My Mum and...
White Chocolate Cupcakes
The weather was horrible today but we still ventured down the high street. We warmed up with coffee in Potter About. When I got home, I baked some white chocolate & cranberry cupcakes for New...
9 Year Anniversary
Today marked Tom and I's nine year anniversary, so we headed through to Edinburgh for the day, which is something we have done almost every year. The weather turned terrible when we got off the tr...
The Hermitage
This morning we went on a family day out to Perth with my Nana. We started with breakfast at Wetherspoon's. I went for the vegetarian breakfast and it was so good to have baked beans again. I had ...
Boxing Day Sales
My Mum and I ventured out to Dunfermline this morning to check out the boxing day sales. We did well and I ended up with four new dresses and a floral print satchel. My Mum got a new coat and two ...
It's Christmas! This morning we woke up to wonderful stockings filled with presents from my parents. My one included: A Love Hearts stamp. Snow Fairy Magic Wand bath bomb from Lush. Whitard's Ver...
Christmas Eve
I spent all day today in the kitchen baking and cooking for Christmas.
The Sands
Our new boxes of business cards from arrived this morning. We got through them so fast last time that we've ordered 200 more of them.
Gingerbread House
The new Tatty Devine book How To Make Jewellery arrived this morning and it looks amazing. I can't wait to make a crisp packet necklace when I get some free time after Christmas.
Paper Crowns
We went through to Edinburgh today for a last bit of Christmas shopping. We arrived early, before much was open, so we went for a drink at Mimi's Bakehouse, which was covered in pretty things and p...
Kirkcaldy High Street
After doing about as much work as we could handle today, we decided to head down Kirkcaldy high street to see what's changed and if there was anything good in the shops. There was a lone rubber duc...
We went for lunch today with Duncan at the Kingswood Hotel. It was all decked out for Christmas, so we got crackers and crowns. I had the salmon with dill and a prawn mousse to start.
Occupy Edinburgh
I'm loving the camera on my new iPhone, so I tried to take some LOLcat photos of Noodles. We headed through to Edinburgh today and went for breakfast at the Roseleaf. I had the waffles with banan...
Mews Hunting
This morning we went through to Edinburgh to view a mews with Tom's Dad. It was perfect, so we put down the holding fee and hope to be moving in next month. It's spread across four floors and has t...
Cheeky Blackbird
Tom's parents bought a lovely wreath for the door covered in real berries which have slowly been picked off one by one by a little blackbird. I spotted him today and he was so tame, jumping up on ...
Novar Bar
We got to catch up with Grant after work today. He's working in Edinburgh now, so hopefully we'll get to see him lots more now we're going to live there. It was raining really badly, so we went fo...
This morning I got an exciting package in the mail from Dremel UK which included a glue gun, heat mat, hundreds of glue sticks (including glitter and fluorescent sticks) and an awesome multi-tool w...
Christmas Carols
This morning we drove along the coast to Anstruther with my Mum, Dad and Nana. We went for lunch at the fish bar, which is always nice and quite in the winter. I had the salmon and dill fishcakes...
Scottish Hurricane
The Met office had a red warning for Scotland today as a giant storm was headed our way. We took shelter in Potter About where we could stay cosy while getting a good view of the storm outside. De...
Christmas Tree
This morning we set off to the snowy Blairadam Forrest in search of a Christmas tree. The staff were so nice and helped us find a giant tree, which they chopped around the base of so that it would...
Back In The UK
We touched down at Heathrow early this morning. It's both good and bad to be back. Some of the little things I've missed most are Cadburys chocolate, Rimmel London make-up, baked beans with breakfa...


Goodbye America
Today was our last day in the USA for at least another six months, so we decided to do something typical New York and go out for a pretzel. It was gigantic and passersby even stopped to comment on ...
Rainy Day In NYC
We sold our Dodge this morning to a nice man who wants to take it on a road trip to California. We'd added over 15,000 miles on to the car, which was almost hitting 200,000 in total. It then star...
This morning we visited Wendy and her new baby Vivienne at their new home in Brooklyn. The view from the rooftop was amazing. Afterwards we went for a walk around Dumbo. We went for lunch at a g...
The Highline
We started our day at the Chelsea Market this morning. It's based inside an old biscuit factory. I spotted a cute top made out of neckties. Luckily, I have a suitcase full of them, so I can try t...
New York City
We drove in to New York City this morning. We got so excited as the skyline started to emerge in the distance and yellow cabs surrounded us. We managed to find a free parking space right next to T...
Upstate New York
Driving through Upstate New York today, we stopped for lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton. I had the veggie burger with sweet potato fries. I'm really going to hate normal fries when I get b...
Absolutely nothing apart from Denny's was open in Rochester today as it was Thanksgiving. Luckily our one meal of the day turned out to be a big one. I ordered pumpkin spice pancakes which came wi...
Niagara Falls
After waking up in Toronto, we drove to Niagra Falls for breakfast in a flying saucer diner. I had the veggie omelette with a side of home fries and toast. It was then time to go and see the fall...
We woke up in Toronto this morning and headed downtown to explore. We went for breakfast at the Linux cafe after being drawn in by the geeky name. We shared a muffin and a brownie.


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