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Top Of The Volcano
When we woke up this morning there was a friendly pigeon on the balcony. We fed it seeds from our hands. Today’s challenge was to drive up to the top of the volcano. We stopped for some patatas b...
Monkey Park Revisited
It was sunny again this morning so we headed to Monkey Park. We had so much fun there last year, so we were excited to show Tom around. The first enclosure was the squirrel monkeys who were just a...
The Rain In Spain
It was really rainy this morning so we had a nice long lie in before going for a walk along the coast. It was too cold to go for a swim in the sea today but we will soon. The beaches in Tenerife h...
Up In The Air
We’re super excited now that we’re able to work from anywhere, so when my parents invited us to join them on holiday in Tenerife, we jumped at the chance. We had an early start this morning, catchi...
Eat Here And Diet Home
Today we went on a tour of the Bank Of England. It was interesting to learn the history of money and see coins and notes from the past. The best bit was the gold bar which you could try and lift – ...
Today we went on an adventure to Birmingham. We had a super early start, so we treated ourselves to porridge at Marylebone. We arrived in Birmingham around midday and it was a little rainy.
Tom bought me an awesome mini harmonica necklace today. It has seven notes and reminds me of buskers on the Paris Metro. I want Tom to learn how to play the songs from Amelie with it. We spotted D...
London Bridge Is Burning Down
Today I took Tom and my parents on a tour of Tower Bridge. It’s been on my to-see list since my first trip to London, so it was cool to see inside. The exhibition is based in the two walkways at t...
Pizza Night
My parents arrived today and we took them for dinner at Otto. It was our second night there for pizza but it's so delicious! There was a strange pentagram made of twigs hanging from one of the tre...
Date Night
Tom and I had a proper date night out tonight. We started with corncrust pizza at Otto which was so tasty. The music in the restaurant included Interpol, Placebo, The Strokes, Idlewild and Yeah Yea...
 Silicon Roundabout
At the weekend Tom and I walked along the canal to Camden, so today we continued our journey. We started at Camden Lock and walked east towards Angel. There was lots to see along the way agin, incl...
Top Drawer
Today we went to the Top Drawer trade show at Earl’s Court, where there was a craft filled ice cream van. The exhibition features homeware, crafts, stationary, gifts, jewellery and fashion. We had ...
Squished In Vegas
Next month Tom and I are going on a Saddle Creek Records trip across Europe. We’re starting with Azure Ray in Berlin for Valentine’s Day and ending with Bright Eyes in Stockholm. We failed to get t...
The Green Of The Radar
This evening, Lynsey, Claire, Tom and I finally got around to having our Christmas meal together at Jack’s. Tom and I shared a gigantic Camembert and then I had the seafood pasta. Mel and Dave jo...
Today we decided to walk along the canal to Camden. The last time we did the full walk was when we were on holiday in 2006 and that was when we discovered Maida Vale and realised we wanted to live ...
Supermarket Sarah
There’s an interview with Tom and I in the new issue of Company Magazine. My Mum called excited from the shop to tell us it was out, so we ran out to get a copy straight away.
Until Death Do Us Party
Today was Mel and Dave’s wedding at Ealing Town Hall. This was the first in their three, maybe four, part wedding tour. Today was the official signing of papers but they’re going to have two big UK...
Mac N Cheese
I was on my own tonight, so I did the American single girl thing and made myself some Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner. The sauce powder was worryingly orange!
The Prince Alfred
We went for lunch at Plan 9 again today. I usually go for the tuna melt but decided to go for the vegetarian sandwich today. It had mozzarella, avocado and tapenade on it and was delicious! Afterw...
Daisy Rock
My Daisy Rock Girl Guitars purple electro-acoustic guitar arrived and it’s so pretty. It was my Christmas present to myself. It’s got a tuner on it and with Tom’s amp for his iPhone, I can record ...
Relaxing At The Spa
There was a sign by Mr Warwick Avenue at the station today which made me smile and think it’s good to be back. However, it was a rainy miserable day. Luckily for us, we got to spend it at the Spa...
Olympic Bed
Tom got an awesome free t-shirt from MailChimp, who do our newsletters this morning. The chimp is really cute and always sharing links to monkey videos on YouTube while you're on the site.
Back to London
Today was our last day in Scotland, so Tom’s parents decided to take us on an adventure before the train home. Our first stop was South Queensferry. We went for coffee at Orocco Pier, which has an...
Cordon Bleu
Today we took my Nana on a trip to Perth. For Christmas, my Uncle Bruce wanted to treat the family to meal, so we went to Cafe Tabou. The food was delicious as always. I started with mussels and s...
The Cat's Out Of The Bag
Today we headed through to Edinburgh with my parents and went for breakfast at the Roseleaf bar cafe in Leith. I still love their menus in magazines.
New Year's Day
We celebrated New Year's Day at Tom's Aunty and Uncle's in Glenrothes today. We ate far too much and drank too much as always. Jennifer Ann Smith gave us a bottle of green tea liqueur which you dr...


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