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New Mexico
This morning we woke up in our wigwam motel room after a great sleep. They looked so cool in the daylight. We drove through the Petrified Forrest on our way to New Mexico. A great curse is suppo...
We woke up in Arizona this morning and drove to the Grand Canyon. It was huge and so hard to see the bottom of. We then went to Bearizona which was a drive-through wildlife park.
Las Vegas
In order for us to visit all of the states, we had to make a quick detour to Utah this morning. We stopped for lunch in St. George which was a really pretty town. We went to the Bear Paw Cafe whi...
Death Valley
This morning we went on a studio tour of Warner Brothers. I'd forgotten just how many of my favourite cartoons, movies and TV shows they make.
This morning we woke up in LA and our first stop was the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Someone told me recently that they close some of the stars off at night because they're in such a bad area, but I d...
Los Angeles
This morning we waved goodbye to Grazia and her family and headed south for Los Angeles. The drive was pretty uneventful and flat, but filled with orchards. Tom had been desperate to try an In-N-...
Silicon Valley
We got the call that the Dodge was all fixed up and ready to go this morning, so we picked him up and on a test drive up to the Golden Gate Bridge. We then drove down to Silicon Valley to see all ...
San Francisco
After taking in the Dodge for repair this morning, we finally had a chance to look around downtown San Francisco. I loved all the different styles of streetcar and trams. We stopped to play with ...
The Home Of The Internet
It was so pretty when we woke up in our train car in the mountains this morning. I wish we could have stayed longer to go take a walk and look for bears. After a very long continuos drive and at l...
Made In Olympia
This morning we woke up in Portland, Oregon. We knew it was going to be a cool city as a bunch of our favourite bands and crafters come from here. We started our day at the Portland Saturday Mark...
Outback Washington
We woke up in a characteristically rainy and foggy Seattle this morning and headed down to Pike Place for breakfast. The market was lots of fun to look around. Beth recommended trying the ricotta...
Sleepless In Seattle
Today was our last day in Vancouver and we had the house to ourselves, so we got some much needed work done. Check out Princess Superstar rocking the origami necklace the winner of our contest on C...
We had the funniest wake up call this morning when Ginger (the dog), who had been patiently waiting for us to wake up, pounced on Tom after he slipped out of bed, nearly licking him to death and tr...
We woke up in Vancouver this morning and my Uncle Bruce took us on a tour of the city. We started of at Granville Island which had a lovely view of the city. We grabbed lunch in the market which ...
British Columbia
We woke up early in Banff this morning and it was time to get back on the road. We grabbed breakfast from McDonald's and packed up the car. We took the scenic back road in hopes of spotting a bea...
The Gopher Hole
We got up early this morning to drive my parents to the airport in Calgary but made a stop in Torrington on the way. The town is famous for being "infested by gophers". We had a look around the W...
Last Day In Edmonton
Today was our last day in Edmonton, so we packed our suitcases and washed the Dodge for the next leg of it's journey. We had dinner with the family and then tried to take photos worthy of Awkward ...
La Poutine
We went back to see the cats at the Humane Society again this morning. Olive Oil had been adopted but there were lots of cute new kittens to play with. Afterwards we went for coffee at Cafe Credo.
Dim Sum
This morning we went for dim sum with Paul and his family. Everything was so delicious, especially the egg tarts and taro buns. We picked up some extra egg tarts from the bakery afterwards.
Ice Palace
This morning we went back to West Edmonton Mall to do a bit of shopping. I hadn't packed for cold weather, so I needed to get a warm coat. My Dad took me to the Chinese Supermarket where they had ...
Crazy Cat Lady
This morning we went to the Edmonton Humane Society to see the cats and dogs. It was such a nice place with huge rooms with cosy seats for the cats to play in. The cats were all so friendly and p...
Today we helped Mum meet up with another of her old friends, Rhonda... who we'd managed to google. Rhonda's house was covered in lots of her fantastic art. Her husband, Mike is from Georgia and t...
Edmonton Queen
I volunteered to cook eggs royale for everyone this morning. I hadn't realised how difficult it would be to poach eggs for seven people at once but they turned out good. We then went for a ride do...
Outdoor Movies
We helped my Mum connect with some of her Canadian friends on Facebook a while ago and this morning we met up with her old high school friend Sylvia, who she hadn't seen in almost 30 years.
Whyte Avenue
We headed down to Whyte Avenue today. We went for margaritas at Julio's Barrio. When we were here four years ago, Tom spotted someone walk past with a gigantic plate of nachos and had been cravin...
Da Capo
This morning, Tom, Mum, Grandma and I went for a coffee on the South Side of Edmonton. We went to Da Capo which was really nice with delicious coffee and biscotti.
Today was our first day in Edmonton, so we just took it easy at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. My Grandma had been collecting neck-ties for me to make a dress with and she'd collected a huge suit...
Kirkcaldy In Canada
We woke up in Lethbridge, Alberta this morning and drove North on our way to Edmonton. When we spotted Kirkcaldy on the map, we knew we had to stop there and check out our Canadian home away from ...
We started today in Idaho Falls where Tom put some new hubcaps on the Dodge. I was coming down with a cold, so we stopped off at the Bella Vita cafe so that I could pick up a smoothie.
Yellowstone Park
We woke up in Wyoming this morning and drove west. We headed up in to the mountains where Buffalo Bill once roamed. Our brakes started smoking at one point while having to brake so much on the way...


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