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Goodbye America
Today was our last day in the USA for at least another six months, so we decided to do something typical New York and go out for a pretzel. It was gigantic and passersby even stopped to comment on ...
Rainy Day In NYC
We sold our Dodge this morning to a nice man who wants to take it on a road trip to California. We'd added over 15,000 miles on to the car, which was almost hitting 200,000 in total. It then star...
This morning we visited Wendy and her new baby Vivienne at their new home in Brooklyn. The view from the rooftop was amazing. Afterwards we went for a walk around Dumbo. We went for lunch at a g...
The Highline
We started our day at the Chelsea Market this morning. It's based inside an old biscuit factory. I spotted a cute top made out of neckties. Luckily, I have a suitcase full of them, so I can try t...
New York City
We drove in to New York City this morning. We got so excited as the skyline started to emerge in the distance and yellow cabs surrounded us. We managed to find a free parking space right next to T...
Upstate New York
Driving through Upstate New York today, we stopped for lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton. I had the veggie burger with sweet potato fries. I'm really going to hate normal fries when I get b...
Absolutely nothing apart from Denny's was open in Rochester today as it was Thanksgiving. Luckily our one meal of the day turned out to be a big one. I ordered pumpkin spice pancakes which came wi...
Niagara Falls
After waking up in Toronto, we drove to Niagra Falls for breakfast in a flying saucer diner. I had the veggie omelette with a side of home fries and toast. It was then time to go and see the fall...
We woke up in Toronto this morning and headed downtown to explore. We went for breakfast at the Linux cafe after being drawn in by the geeky name. We shared a muffin and a brownie.
Quebec to Ontario
We went for breakfast at L'Avenue this morning which Julia recommended. It was so cool with a motorbike on the wall. I had a tasty granola sundae.
We woke up in Burlington, Vermont this morning and headed downtown in search of breakfast. We ended up with pastries and pumpkin mochas. We then went to see the world's tallest filling cabinet in...
The Last State
We woke up in Portland, Maine this morning which is the top eastern state of America. We went for breakfast at Silly's. It was such a cool cafe with things all over the walls and menus in lunch bo...
After waking up in Boston this morning, we drove to Salem, a town I've wanted to visit since I first saw Hocus Pocus and Bewitched. We had breakfast at Coven, a dessert and cereal bar. It proves t...
After waking up in Connecticut, we crossed the state line in to Rhode Island, our 44th state. We went for breakfast at the Modern Diner which was actually a cool old retro diner. It was so cool i...
Jersey Shore
We woke up in a rainy Atlantic City this morning and drove along the shore to Seaside Heights, where they film Jersey Shore. It was so rainy that nothing was open, not even the sweet shop that pro...
We woke up in Philadelphia this morning and took the Dodge for an oil change. We heard on the TV that Gordon Ramsay had helped a Philly restaurant for Kitchen Nightmares, so we drove by just in ti...
Good Morning Baltimore
We woke up in Baltimore this morning and headed down to the port to see the ships. Tom told me that this was a popular city for sailors. We caught up on emails over smoothies at Cafe Latte'Da in L...
Washington, DC
We woke up in Virginia this morning and drove over the border to West Virginia, our 37th state of the trip. The scenery reminded us of Scotland, with rolling hills, twisty roads and tiny historica...
We woke up in North Carolina this morning and drove up and over the state line in to Virginia, our 36th state of the trip. A lot of people take this drive to see the changing colours of the leaves...
North & South Carolina
We woke up in Charleston, South Carolina this morning which is known as the city of churches. We went for breakfast at WildFlour Pastry which was lovely. We sat outside under the palm trees while...
We woke up in Savannah, Georgia this morning which is one of the prettiest and most haunted cities we've ever been to. Tiffany recommended that we take a walk down River Street and try some of the...
We woke up in Atlanta, Georgia this morning. The leaves were really pretty and red. We went for breakfast at Rita's Bluebird cafe. I was hoping to have the vegetarian rib sandwich, but it wasn't...
We woke up in Birmingham, Alabama this morning and headed out to explore the city. The trees were such a pretty colour and the city reminded us a little of a hilly Omaha. We started our day with ...
We woke up in Florida this morning and went for a drive along the Gulf Coast. There were so many cranes and butterflies everywhere. We stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House, which Tom said Bill...
New Orleans
We woke up in Louisiana this morning. We hadn't realised it the night before but our cabin was actually on stilts above the swamp. We tucked in to our Cajun breakfast and drank orange juice from j...
We said goodbye to Holly and Lee this morning and drove east through Texas. We stopped for breakfast at the Empire Cafe in Houston where I had granola and a virgin bellini. We then crossed the bo...
Apples At Apple
Lee had the day off work today and offered to show us around Austin. We started with breakfast at the Bouldin Street Coffeehouse where I had a bowl of granola sunrise and rose lemonade.
We got to spend today exploring Austin, which seems like a really cool little city... not too dissimilar to Omaha. We started our day with lunch at Hill Country Pierogi. Austin is filled with food...
San Antonio
Facebook were hosting an event in Austin today, so we headed along this morning. It lasted all day but gave me a chance to catch up on work while they helped Tom fix my fBlog. They always have ama...
El Paso
This morning we woke up in El Paso, which is right across the border from Mexico. The two cities on either side of the border are said to be polar opposites of each other and you could see how spr...


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