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Somewhere In The Middle Of America
When we woke up this morning, our bus was about to arrive at Heathrow. We checked our bags in and went for breakfast at Yo! Sushi. I've been wanting to try breakfast here for years but you can only...
Goodbye Britain
Today was our last day in the UK, so we spent it frantically packing. My Dad and I picked my Mum afterwork, so I got to see her van. She's a white van man! In the evening we went for a big family ...
The Biscuit Cafe
Tom's parents took us on an adventure to Culross today. We started at The Biscuit Cafe which was cute but there were no biscuits to be seen. Tom and I split salmon and brie and cranberry sandwich...
Along The Shore
This morning we went for breakfast at the Roseleaf, my favourite cafe in Edinburgh. Tom and I shared the pancakes and shore eggs benedicts. The pancakes taste amazing with banana and toffee sauce....
Edinburgh Day
This morning Tom and I went for haircuts at Jason Hall in Edinburgh. They took almost two and a half hours as we had to keep telling the hairdressers to keep going at it to give us the cuts we want...
Spoons With Tom's Granny
We took Tom's Granny for lunch at Wetherspoon's today. I had a bottle of the same cider I'd tried in St Ives. For some reason it didn't taste as nice as it did in Cornwall.
Attack The Block
Mum tried out one of her new recipes on me for lunch today. It was a tasty omelette filled with black beans. This evening we went to see Attack The Block which is Joe Cornish's new film about alie...
Animals At Auchingarrich
This morning I made my Dad and I French Toast for breakfast. It was my first attempt but it was really tasty. We then jumped in the car and drove to Auchingarrich near Crieff, which is a wildlife ...
Tea & Scones
It was really stormy this morning, so my Mum and I baked scones and invited my Nana over for a tea party. They tasted delicious with clotted cream and jam. I put the recipe on Cut Out + Keep if yo...
Organic Farm
This morning we went through to the Pillars Of Hercules for lunch with my Nana. Tom's parents were also there, which was a funny coincidence. I had a really tasty veggie burger.
Cutting Grass
I spent the afternoon cutting the grass at my Nana's house today. It was tough work but looked pretty snazzy afterwards.
Today we headed down to Burntisland high street to have lunch at Potter About with my Nana. I had a tuna, cheese and onion toastie which was really nice. Afterwards we headed to Aberdour to go to...
Adventure Golf
After work today we went for dinner at Chiquitos. A Mexican restaurant at the retail park in Dunfermline. The food was really good. We had stuffed potato skins to start, then my Mum and I split ma...
Rainbows In Fife
I spent the today unpacking boxes in to my room. Noodles was very happy to see me this morning. In the evening we went to Kirkcaldy's premier establishment Wetherspoon's for dinner. I tried the s...
Moving Out
Today was our last day in the Mews, so Tom's Dad hired a huge van to come and take our furniture back to Scotland. It was sad saying goodbye to Handsome and Special. I know Tony Daly will take goo...
Knight In Shining Armour
We caught the bus to Baker Street this morning, passing the Abbey Road studios on the way. The buses take a long time to get down the street as they have to wait at the crossing while tourists take...
Leighton House
This morning we went for a look around the Leighton Museum, a fancy house in Holland Park. They didn't allow photography which is one of my pet hates. Especially when you have to pay to get in!
Tom's Parents In London
Tom's parents came down to visit today before taking us and our furniture back to Scotland. We met them at Westbourne Park station and took them for a drink at the Grand Union. We then went for di...
The Mad Scientist
We took a break from packing this morning to treat ourselves to lunch at Plan 9. As part of de-cluttering to move out, we've been using up all kinds of things including the instant snow powder.
St Ives & Cornwall
When we woke up this morning, the view outside the train was all green and heavenly, just like the side of my Dorset Crunch cereal boxes. The train man brought us trays of breakfast and we got rea...
Night Riviera
We went to Paddington today to buy train tickets for Scotland but while we were there we got very tempted with the idea of adventuring out to Cornwall to see St Ives. We ended up booking tickets fo...
The Kray Twins
Sarah Steel sent me a squished penny of the Kray Twins as a leaving present today!
Fit For A Princess
After a stressful day of packing, Tom and I took a break and headed to the park for Starbucks and a game of cards. We stayed until it got too dark to see our hands. On our way home we passed Cafe ...
The Best Of London
Tom and I went for breakfast at Fifteen this morning. I had poached eggs on sourdough bread with field mushrooms, tomatoes and a side of baked beans. I also had a smoothie with ginger and oats whi...
Andrew & Laura In London
We went skating around the park again today. All the memories of ice skating started coming back to me and I started to feel I was getting the hang of it again. In the evening we met up with Andre...
Skating In The Park
Today was my parents last day so we went for one last breakfast at Plan 9. I had the museli sundae as always! In the afternoon Tom and I went rollerskating around Queen's Park, managing to do a la...
Bravely Going To The Chippenham
Today was my parents last full day in London, so we headed out to complete the last few things on our to-see lists. Our first stop was the roof of One New Change so that my parents could see the v...


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