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The Digital Life
Since getting our iPad, we've really been living the digital life - working from coffee shops, blogging on the go and making music on the roof top. Having an office is really overated! After a har...
Little Square Microphone
My Little Square Microphone arrived this morning and it's so cute. They come in four colours, and I was tempted by pink, but the white goes with everything else so nicely. It works with the iPad a...
The Durham Museum
This morning, Tom and I went to the Durham Museum, which is just over the bridge from our loft. The museum is in the old Union Station and was absolutely amazing on the inside. I wish this was st...
Film Streams
We headed up to NODO again after work today. It was very busy as it was the final of the CWS, so we took shelter with root beer in the Slowdown. I love this painting they have outside on the stree...
Spongebob Rockpants
It's becoming our Sunday tradition to go for Happy Hour at Blue Sushi. We sit upstairs in the Sake Bombers Lounge where one side of the room has the side of an airoplane on the wall. We ordered a...
Dixie Quicks
This morning we went for breakfast at Dixie Quicks which is a Southern restaurant about ten blocks up our street. I tried the cactus scrambled eggs which were super tasty. As far as I can tell, ca...
Rock Bottom Tap
This evening we went to Rock Bottom Tap, which was really nice as we got to sit outside under the fairy lights and enjoy the warm night. I tried the peanut butter pudding, which was a pie crust fi...
After a hard day of work and the gym today, Tom and I rewarded ourselves with dinner at Old Chicago. I had a vegetarian calzone which was really nice and not as sloppy as the last one I had.
iPad Day
Our iPad arrived this morning and it's amazing! We got one with 3G so we can check-in while out and about. So far we've downloaded iMovie and Garage Band which are both amazing. You can make samp...
Couch Potatoes
Today was the day the army were opening up the dams to release more water in the Missouri, so we headed down to the river to see just how bad things were. These statues were up to their necks in w...
Tornado Watch
We ate a very web 2.0 packet of love hearts this morning. Our usual coffee haunt was closed this morning so we headed to the 13th Street Coffee shop. It was very cool inside and I tried their pea...
Electric Hair
It's happy hour all day at Blue Sushi on Sundays so we headed along again today to try some different things on the menu. We started with the lump crab cakes, then we had scallop tempura lollipops...
Benson Summerfest
Today we headed to the Benson Summerfest. Benson is a part of Omaha which feels like a small old American town with crazy local shops. There were lots of stalls and lots of fancy old cars parked u...
College World Series
There's an awesome art shop in the Old Market which we always walk by and today they had cookie jars for anti-depresents in the window. It was so hot and sunny that we decided to pay another visit...
Sushi Happy Hour
Today we went for the Happy Hour in Blue Sushi's Bomber lounge. We started off with $3 margaritas which were really tasty. The sushi was incredibly fresh and the best we've ever tasted. We started...
Project Condom Fashion Show
Tom and I took our dinner up to the roof today and cooked our Quorn turkey burgers on the grill. They tasted so good and we had them with A&W Root Beer BBQ sauce. We had an audience while we w...
Captain Crunch
I was worried that I'd be getting home sick by now but thanks to Skype, we've been chatting to my parents most days. It's just like sitting across the table from each other. We can even play aroun...
Super 8
We had another mall rat day today and I got yet another dress from Forever 21. I love that shop so much! Tom managed to get a coffee machine for $17 in Younkers where they also has super cute mini...
DJs Dugout
The F1 was on this morning and Tom really wanted to see it so we headed to DJs Dugout which was a giant sports bar with dozens of screens everywhere. We has a bowl of waffle fries for breakfast wh...
Bliss Bakery make caketinis, so we went downstairs to try a couple this afternoon. We enjoyed the pink champagne and red velvet caketini with coffee from Aromas which was really yummy.
Wash Your Mouth Out With Coriander
Today we went for Happy Hour at Michael's At The Market where you can get margaritas for $2.50 and half price appetisers. We shared the nachos and salsa which was really nice although it was covere...
Thunder Storms
Our big Christmas payment check arrived this morning, so we headed along to the bank to cash it. There's a coffee shop called Scooters inside the bank, and as a storm was brewing outside, we decide...
Family Dollar
We decided that enough was enough today and headed to the Family Dollar to buy plates, pans and cutlery. They even had a range of cheap perfumes which are suppose to smell like Chanel No. 5 and Vic...
Pub Quiz At The Slowdown
We needed to go food shopping this morning so we headed to Patrick's Market which is really nice. Tom was really hungry so we got him a Twin Bing which is a Nebraskan chocolate bar filled with che...
Reverse Happy Hour
The temperature was going to reach 100'F today, so we decided to be mall rats and headed to Westroads Mall. We went on the hunt for gym clothes in Dick's Sporting Goods which was huge and had a sec...
The Ugly Organ
There's a restaurant and bar near us called Upstream which brews it's own beer and has a brewery inside. I tried their raspberry beer which wasn't very sweet or as nice as Fruli.
Bright Eyes & Jenny Lewis In Iowa
It was the Omaha Farmer's Market this morning, so we had a look around and resist trying all the yummy looking samples. It's on every Saturday, which will be great when we start cooking. Today we ...
Hollywood Candy
We started this morning with coffee at Aromas Coffeehouse again. I think this will become part of our regular routine. I tried their Turtle coffee, which was created to taste like the Turtle chocol...
Awesome Antiques
We woke up really early again this morning, so we headed out to grab breakfast. There's a great cafe under our building called Aromas Coffeehouse, so we stopped in for a chai tea latte. They're ope...
First Day In Omaha
We woke up really early this morning so we went out to explore the city before everyone else woke up. We grabbed breakfast from Starbucks. The cake pops come in different flavours here. These two ...


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