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$3 Dessert
This morning Tom and I went for brunch at Vivace, a lovely Italian restaurant in the Old Market. I ordered malted waffled with hazelnuts and fruit. Tom ordered poached eggs and we had half of eac...
Bemis Centre
We went for lunch at Wheatfield's in the Old Market today. I had a portabello sandwich topped with hollandaise sauce. Tom thought it looked like a giant steak, so I reminded him that Quorn steaks ...
Transparent Polaroids
There's a really cool trick you can do with newly developed polaroid photos. You cut the bottom off the polaroid and then heat the top layer off with a hair dryer, so that you're left with a trans...
Fortune Cookie Camera
Walgreens were doing film processing for 99c today, so I took my fortune cookie camera along to get developed! Here are some of our favourites. I'll scan them all when I get the chance.
Little Monsters
Lady Gaga was in town yesterday and got swamped by fans outside the radio stations. It's rumoured that she's building a giant house up on Dodge, so Omaha must be pretty cool if Gaga wants to live h...
Workers Diner
Tom and I treated ourselves to lunch out today at Workers Diner. We discovered it while searching for Omaha on YouTube. My spicy tuna sandwich was really tasty and came with crisps and a gherkin s...
Double Rainbow
There was a giant double rainbow in the sky as we were heading out today. We went up to the roof to get a better view. The sky looked so crazy and it felt like sunrise thought it was actually suns...
Saddle Creek Grand Opening
We headed out for lunch at Blue Line Coffee up in NODO this afternoon. The coffee shop is covered in lots of old Omaha pictures which are cool. I had a smoothie and banana chocolate chip muffin.
Birdhouse Collective
Tom loves Little King so much, so I took him for a sandwich after work. He also "took advantage of the extra large drink for $1 offer". We've been avoiding going out in the heat, but we had place...
Photobooth Kisses
Tom got the talking brostash app and I've told him that if he wants to have an argument, then he has to do it through that. Tom went to take his driving test this morning but someone at the immigr...
We've been working solidy to get this ready but tonight we finally launched Snippets 24, The Japan Issue with Beckii Cruel on the cover.
Idea Pad
Tom had a driving test this morning and when he got back, he'd brought me a Great Idea Pad. Debbie Stoller is our new Crafty Superstar on CO+K. When I told my Mum she said "now the editor of your ...
M's Pub
Tom surprised me with some film from The Impossible Project project the other day and we've been trying to get the hang of it. At the moment, Omaha is having a record breaking heat wave and when it...
Lauritzen Gardens
Today was the second day of Railroad Days, so we jumped on the yellow school bus and went all the way across to Iowa and then back to Nebraska to get to our next stop. As you come over the bridge ...
Railroad Days
This weekend was perfect for Tom as it Railway Days, which cost $15 and let you explore five different railway museums in Omaha and Council Bluffs. We started at the Durham Museum where we took a y...
Bean Boozled
We went for lunch at Crane's Cafe today which is in downtown Omaha. I had a tuna melt which came with a side of macaroni cheese, which was yummy but I'd have prefered brown bread. We walk past th...
In The Studio With Princess Lasertron
This morning we had another Skype interview with Corinne Leigh for her show Craftovision. Last time there were technical problems, so hopefully everything went smoothly this time, apart from me str...
Trini's Happy Hour
Today we went for Happy Hour at Trini's which is in the gorgeous Old Market Passageway. It was a really nice restaurant and our waitress was lovely. The margaritas were delicious. I had a strawbe...
All Thrifty States
Tom went for his written driving test this morning and passed. He's starting lessons next week, so hopefully we'll be driving by the end of next week. I'm so proud of him! While in Aroma's this ev...
Popcorn With A Prize
We were having a lazy Sunday so we decided to go to my favourite place in the whole world, Hollywood Candy. Hollywood Candy is way more than a candy shop... it's a diner, antique's store, PEZ shop...
Where All The Lights Are Bright
The Josyln Art Museum has free entry on Saturday mornings, so we headed along early to check it out. The building was really pretty with a gorgeous fountain in the middle. We had a look around th...
Happy Cramper
After checking out the calorie content of Maggie Moo's ice cream on their website, we agreed that a visit should be for emergencies only. I had really bad cramps today, so today was one of those da...
Omaha Girls Rock
This evening we went for a quick bite to eat at Michael's as it was Happy Hour. We had a Mexican pizza and some margaritas. We then rushed to Film Streams in time for the showing of Girls Rock!, a...
Driving Test
We headed down to the DMV in South Omaha today, so that Tom could sit his written driving test. There was a lot of waiting around and we'll have to go back another day but he's feeling really confi...
4th of July
As it was the 4th of July today, Blue Sushi were doing Happy Hour all day. This week we got to sit downstairs and watch the sushi ninjas making our food. It was amazingly delicious as always. As ...
Expired Film
The polaroid 600 film that I ordered from eBay arrived this morning. It's so cool and retro, I love the packaging. It had expired in 1998, so we were taking a chance and hoping it had been stored...
We had heard really good things about the Boxcar Grill on the internet, so we headed along for lunch today. Sadly their menu had changed and everything had meat on. We stayed for a drink before hea...
iPad Doodles & Absinthe Lipbalm
I ordered a stylus for the iPad so that I could doodle and it arrived this morning. It works amazingly well, in fact just as well as my graphics tablet. I downloaded the app Brushes which is real...


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