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Time Lapse Lifeline
Louise, who was one of my friends back at Burntisland Primary School got in touch recently. She makes awesome musical timeline prints so we though it'd be a great idea to run a contest for them on ...
Pins & Needles
Jim & Christine came through to see our new mews today. We went for lunch at Piece Box, where we're starting to become regulars. I resisted the amazing looking cupcakes and ordered a Mexican ...
Morningside Maisie
When my Dad read that they serve door-slab French toast at the Piece Box Cafe, he insisted we go for breakfast the next morning. I loved the pink teapot they gave him. Mum and I shared the Hell's ...
Piece Box
My parents came through to Edinburgh today to see our new place and take full advantage of our guest room. It's so nice living next to the canal and getting to see the ducks. We'll bring them brea...
Edinburgh Mews
We signed the lease on our new mews in Edinburgh today. I love this place so much because it's just as open plan as the London mews, with the living area upstairs on the top two floors and the bed...
The Walk Inn
Today was our last day in Fife, so Jim & Christine took us for lunch in West Wemyss. We went to the Walk Inn, which is a lottery sponsored community cafe. It was lovely inside with lots of dr...
Heart Shaped Glasses
My Mum tipped us off about a chic new charity shop on Kdy high street, so we went to check it out today and were excited to find retro polaroid camera and a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses for 99p....
Sparkly Mondays
I decided to start off the week with a super glittery manicure. I also decided to make a washbag, as I've been back and forth between houses for the last few weeks. I made it out of some Cath Kid...
Today my Mum and Nana took me to the cafe at Baxters. We had cheesecake and cappuccinos, while I worked on my crochet. A few people asked what I was making and if I had been doing it for long.
Crafters' Ceilidh
My parents took us to Ratho today, which is just outside of Edinburgh. I spotted a cute black satchel in the window of a school shop and had to get it. It only cost £29 and have a 20% discount. T...
Morley's Muesli
When I was little, my Mum would bake me this delicious muesli for breakfast but we lost the recipe for years and years, until I found it a little while ago, while clearing out.
The Crochet Book
Cricut - The Official Page! sent me a Cricut Mini cutting machine and it looks like so much fun. You can cut through all kinds of materials from paper and card to fabric and chipboard.
Nano Blocks
It's been on my someday list to make a calendar of cat photos from around the world for a few years, and when I saw an advert on the TV for 99p Vistaprint calendars, I knew it was time to tick that...
Cute Things In Tom's House
Since I last posted about all the cute things we'd been finding in Tom's house, we've spotted about a dozen more. Tom thinks we're going to turn the Waddingtons in to Instagram celebrities without...
The Butterfly & The Pig
It was so frosty this morning that everything sparkled and looked so pretty. Our laptops both needed a few fixes from Apple Inc., so we headed through to Glasgow with Jim & Christine.
Sunday Roast
We've been working so hard that we haven't seen my parents all week, so we all went to Wetherspoon's this evening for the Sunday roast. I had the sweet potato and pumpkin seed roast which was real...
There's a new coffee shop in Kirkcaldy called Cuppa, which is pretty excited for this town, which only just opened a Costa last year. The coffee was a little on the hot side, but nice enough and t...
Secret Polaroids
I've been staying at Tom's house this week, while he updates the Cut Out + Keep server and it's filled with all kinds of lovely things.
The parcel that my Grandma and Grandpa had sent for Christmas had been delayed and eventually arrived today. Inside was the most perfect seamstress brooch for me. I made dinner for everyone again ...
Crocheting Granny Squares
We got bored today, so decided to bake, starting with muesli bars in the morning. They're the perfect snack to munch on when working. In the evening we made pizza from scratch with a homemade whol...
Gingerbread House Demolition
Tom finally gave in to temptation and started demolishing our gingerbread house tonight.
Goblin Ha'
We went through to Edinburgh again today and to the Roseleaf again. I had the gnocchi which came with pesto and toasted cashews. It was delicious and I washed it down with two glasses of iPal. I t...
My Pandora bracelet that I won in the One New Change contest arrived this morning. It's silver, worth £150 and has the prettiest heart bead on it.
Cookie Cutter
We went through to Culross with my Nana today. We went for a drink and nibble at the Biscuit Cafe. I'm developing a taste for cappuccino's. I had the banana and walnut cake which was really nice...
The Doll's House
We went through to St Andrews today which is Tom's least favourite place, as he went to Uni there. My new boots had arrived in the mail, so I was excited to wear them out. I love that they both la...
We met up with Alistair today for an Edinburgh day, starting at the museum. There was an amazing coffin shaped like a car. We then went for lunch at Favorit which looked promising as it boasted A...
Highlights of 2011
January Relaxing at the spa. Getting a purple acoustic Daisy Rock guitar. Mel & Dave's wedding. Being interviewed by Company Magazine. Attending the Top Drawer exhibition at Earl's Court. Visitin...
Twenty Twelve
Christine played us this really funny video of Fenton the dog chasing deer in Richmond park this morning. I love it even more because the start reminds me of the videos we've taken and then chao...


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