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Push-Button Light
I've been giving my cupboards a makeover and today's addition was a DIY push-button light. It was so simple to make and it feels like I'm looking in my own private boutique every time I open the do...
29 Colourful Rug
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the great links on the web I've seen this week: Sneezy, a squirrel who lives on the Penn State campus gets dressed up in mini hates. Cat Bounce makes me so happy! Awww, a baby se...
Miss Cake
We got an exciting package in the mail from Miss Cake Art & Illustration this morning. I've always loved cut acrylic and this sign is going to look so good hanging in our office.
Who's that girl? It's... Cat!
We picked up a pretty frame from Ikea yesterday and decided to turn it in to a pin-board for all of our Polaroids, photo-strips and Instax snaps. I'm glad it worked so well as a pin-board as we ac...
A new bistro bar called Blackbird recently opened near us, so we decided to try it out for dinner tonight. The cocktail menu was interesting and I ordered the sherbet martini which was served with ...
There's no humble way to say this but Tom is a coding genius - he's even got his own tag on to prove it. The amazing, life-changing thing he coded for me this month is a new app to ...
Coffee-Cake-Noodle Crawl
Tom's been working so quickly this month and finishing off lots of projects which is so amazing. Last night he added notifications to CO+K which is something we've been wanting for ages. Mum and D...
Tom & Cat's Bistro
Mum treated us to a set of slate plates and coasters, after spotting them in a shop in Dundee. I've been drooling over them for months, after spying them in various restaurants, because they make t...
Snip Snip Snip
It's getting so cold outside that I'm wearing a lot of cardigans and to cutesy them up, I've started making sweater clips.
Bonfire Night
It was Bonfire Night tonight, so Tom and I stocked up on sparklers and headed to the Meadows. We could see the firework display over the water in Burntisland as we were walking down the hill in...
Motivate Yourself
1. Find your trigger 2. Get inspired 3. Educate yourself 4. Write a letter to yourself 5. Do the first thing
Josiane Berube
This week we chat to my subscriber Josiane Bérubé, an information management technician and part-time cupcake business owner from Gatineau, Québec in Canada.
Presents from Jenny are the best and this morning we woke up to find an awesome parcel filled with wasabi pretzels (which were very addictive), sushi magnets, stickers and stationery! Someone had ...


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