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**Create** _and break_ **Habits**
If you're sick of trying to make positive changes that you never stick to, creating a habit is the ultimate way to transform your life. Here are my tips and tricks for creating a new habit in just ...
Scottish Parliament
Continuing our birthday celebrations, I went for a makeover appointment at MAC this morning. They did a really nice job and managed to match my Chanel lipstick to a cheaper MAC one perfectly.
Bo'ness Railway
Today was my 27th birthday and Tom made me the cutest card! We started off with breakfast at Freeman's where I had a really tasty bowl of muesli. We then got a chance to hold an Olympic torch out...
Tom's Birthday
It was Tom's birthday today so we started it by treated ourselves to breakfast at Piecebox. We shared pancakes and a plate of Hell's eggs. My parents and Nana came to visit in the afternoon and we...
Ela Stefanac
This week I get to know my subscriber Ela Štefanac, a Croatian art student. Ela is a student at the Academy of Applied Arts in Požega, Croatia. Her favourite book is Nurtured by Love by Shinich...


Tom and I treated ourselves to lunch at Toast today. I had a sweet potato tortilla which was delicious.
Jenny Lewis
This week I'm going to DIY the look of singer and Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis! Jenny Lewis has a laid back California style which she dresses up with quirky girly accessories. For this look...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the awesometastic links I've seen on the internet this week! This umbrella filled street in Portugal is stunning. Take macro photos on your iPhone using a drop of water - I'd lov...


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