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Blog To Japan
Tom and I have always dreamed of visiting Japan one day and when my friend Louise sent us a link to InsideJapan Tours and Virgin Atlantic's contest to "blog to Japan", we knew we had to try our luc...
Ghost World
This week I'm going to DIY the look of Enid Coleslaw from the comic book and movie Ghost World! I loved Thora Birch as Enid in Ghost World and couldn't resist attempting to DIY her look this week....
**Create** _and break_ **Habits**
If you're sick of trying to make positive changes that you never stick to, creating a habit is the ultimate way to transform your life. Here are my tips and tricks for creating a new habit in just ...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the awesome links I've seen on the internet this week! Aeriel photos of beaches are making me feel so summery. The Internet Map is fun to play with. Can you find
Colleen Ly
This week I get to know my subscriber Colleen, a design student in North Carolina. Colleen Ly is a design student living in Raleigh, North Carolina. She discovered me after one of her friends i...
Scottish Parliament
Continuing our birthday celebrations, I went for a makeover appointment at MAC this morning. They did a really nice job and managed to match my Chanel lipstick to a cheaper MAC one perfectly.
Bo'ness Railway
Today was my 27th birthday and Tom made me the cutest card! We started off with breakfast at Freeman's where I had a really tasty bowl of muesli. We then got a chance to hold an Olympic torch out...
Tom's Birthday
It was Tom's birthday today so we started it by treated ourselves to breakfast at Piecebox. We shared pancakes and a plate of Hell's eggs. My parents and Nana came to visit in the afternoon and we...
Ela Stefanac
This week I get to know my subscriber Ela Štefanac, a Croatian art student. Ela is a student at the Academy of Applied Arts in Požega, Croatia. Her favourite book is Nurtured by Love by Shinich...
Kate Middleton
This week I DIY the look of a real life princess, Kate Middleton! One of the questions in last week's pub quiz was "Who was voted the most fashionable women by Vanity Fair?" and it turned out to b...
Jenny Lewis
This week I'm going to DIY the look of singer and Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis! Jenny Lewis has a laid back California style which she dresses up with quirky girly accessories. For this look...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the awesometastic links I've seen on the internet this week! This umbrella filled street in Portugal is stunning. Take macro photos on your iPhone using a drop of water - I'd lov...


This week we get to know my subscriber Lea, a student from Berlin, Germany who dreams of becoming a successful musician and pin-up model one day.
Courtney Love
This week we DIY the look of grunge princess and Hole singer, Courtney Love! K-Li asked if we could DIY the Look of 1990's Courtney Love and it was such a fun style to recreate! Let's get a little...


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