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New Year's Eve
It was New Year's Eve and for the first year in ages, we got to spend it with my family and ,most importantly, my Grandma who's usually in Canada at this time of year. We stocked up on lots and lo...
11 Years
Tom and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary today and I couldn't resist surprising him with the watch he's been wanting for ages. We don't usually swap gifts on our anniversary as it's so close t...
We got the sweetest tweet from Lauren who's a member of CO+K today. It's so nice hearing from crafters who are helped or inspired by the site. It was so stormy this evening that we really didn't w...
We were hosting Christmas again for the family this year and everyone came to stay over last night. I got so many amazing presents from everyone. Tom treated me to a Tiffany key (which looks like ...
It's Christmas, Merry Christmas!
Instead of writing cards this year, we wrote a Christmas song with Kenny & Laura and put all of our friends in the video! Merry Christmas everyone xoxo
Pyjama Club
It was Christmas Eve today so Tom got to open the final window of our Lego advent calendar and luckily, it was a Lego Santa, just in time to bring us presents. In the evening, the family came over...
Wrap Up For Christmas
Fuijifilm sent me a couple of their new Instax cameras to review, which was perfect timing as we were having Laura and Kenny over for one last hangout before Christmas. I love how they make these ...
Gifts from Google
A special package arrived in the mail from Google this morning and we couldn't wait until Christmas, so we opened it early. We got some smartphone gloves, a mug and a super cosy Google City Expert...
One of Tom's Christmas presents arrived today so I decided to give it to him early, to help set the scene for Christmas, so we've had the Bright Eyes Christmas album playing on our record player al...
Angels Share
After a short stint of Christmas shopping, Tom and I decided to reward ourselves with cocktails at Angels Share. We've been inspired by Kenny to try lots of new bars around Edinburgh and this one w...
We took my Grandma and Nana for dim sum at the Imperial Palace today. My Grandma likes to go for dim sum in Edmonton, so she was keen to see how the Scottish equivalent would compare. She was impr...
This super sparkly gift arrived from Crown & Glory this morning and I'm so excited to find out what's inside. Sophie makes the prettiest hair accessories!
CO+K Christmas Tree
We were busy crafting for the book today and at one point it looked like we were running an illegal money-making scam from our office. Third time lucky, my Dad was able to pick us up a Christmas t...
Suzy was visiting Edinburgh today so we headed out to meet up with her and friends for a few drinks at Frankenstein's. Though we've been to the bar before, we'd never been lucky enough to see the ...
We tried out the pub quiz at Cabaret Voltaire with Kenny and Laura tonight. It was okay though they didn't have the record which was supposed to be our prize for coming third. On the way home we s...
Secret Santa 2013
We launched our second annual Secret Santa Contest on CO+K yesterday and the first gift arrived this morning from Shanalogic.
We got to open the first window of our Lego advent calendar this morning and we got a tiny little police man holding a cup of coffee. It's the Lego City edition so we can't wait to see our little c...


Dave sent me a copy of Ocelot Magazine this morning, which includes my recipe for dill & salmon burgers. It's the first recipe I've had published so I'm feeling just like Nigella! Feeling hung...
We finally caught the adorable little mouse that's been running around our house for the past week. He had no interest in the peanut butter trap until we made a trail of Rice Krispies leading up t...
The christmas lights were being turned on in Edinburgh today and Laura was performing with her belly dancing troupe as part of the entertainment, so we met up with Kenny and headed along to show he...
We took my Nana on a day trip to Glasgow today. It was only her second trip to the city and she was excited to see what she could remember from her trip years earlier. We started off with a trip a...
The Edinburgh Experiment
This evening we were invited to The Edinburgh Experiment, a party for Google City Experts at the Small Animal Hospital in Summerhall. It was the perfect venue with creepy derelict corridors leadin...
We Are Knitters
We Are Knitters sent me a kit for making one of their Downtown Snoods last week, which was perfect timing, as I needed a knew scarf and really fancied starting a new knitting project.
Aurora Lady
Aurora Lady is working on an exciting project for the upcoming issue of Snippets and I got this amazing Crafterella sketch in my inbox this morning. I couldn't resist giving everyone a sneak peek..
We took my parents to see Gravity at the Cameo this evening and stopped in to the bar for a cup of tea beforehand. I loved their owl tea sets! The film was pretty good and super suspenseful and an...
I was sent a Projecto in the mail this morning. The Projecto is a tiny battery-powered projector that comes with a wheel of Instagram photos. It's adorable how small it is and though each roll onl...


After waking up in our cozy treehouse this morning, we really didn't want to leave the magical woods of Oregon but we had a flight to catch and it was time to get back on the road. Our drive up th...
We woke up in Ukiah, California this morning and headed to Black Oak Coffee to perk ourselves up with pastries and a lavender latte, which tasted amazing. We passed by a tree stump in the town whi...
San Francisco
We were invited to take a tour and have breakfast at Googleplex this morning, so we woke up bright and early in Santa Cruz before driving up to silicon valley and we couldn't help but giggle when w...


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