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Bunnies & Chocolate
It was Easter today, which meant we got to eat chocolate for breakfast and wear bunny ears all day long. Mum, Dad & Nana came over in the afternoon and everyone had a mini egg hunt. All of our...
Nana's Birthday
It was Nana's birthday today, so Mum and Dad brought her through to Edinburgh for presents, cake and lunch at Loch Fyne. I'd picked up a sheep cake which I thought was way cuter than a normal birt...
Our First Book Deal
After nearly a year of waiting, we're finally able to pop the bottle of champagne we'd been saving for getting a deal for the first Cut Out + Keep book. Over the next year, we'll be working with my...
The Daily Spank
It was begining to look very pretty and summery in our office today. We always buy up flowers that are going cheap in the supermarket and our current bouquet is looking very pretty. Tom's old bos...
Snowy Hills
We've been busy trying to design the perfect pair of scissors for Cut Out + Keep's social media icon this week. I love these Eiffel Tower scissors Tom gave me for Christmas - they make me want to c...
Earl Of Marchmont
I've just finished off my latest Crafter To The Stars project which is a Paperdoll Necklace for Twinkie Chan. It was so much fun to make as she's got all kinds of cute accessories in her shop.
**Keep It Positive* *
99% of the time the world of blogging is a happy and magical place, filled with positive people who want to support you, but every so often, you'll get a comment, message or email so shocking, rude...
Krispy Kreme
Everyone has been talking about the new Krispy Kreme donut shop that opened in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, so we gave in to the hype and heading along to see it tonight with my parents. There was a ...
Tom received a gold card for Jamie Oliver's restaurant in the mail, which gave us £10 off a meal this month, so we headed along for dinner tonight. Afterwards we went for cocktails at Bramble whic...
Project Paperdoll
I've always dreamed of having my own fashion line, so I was super excited when Fabric In Demand got in touch to ask if I'd like to design my own fabric. They're going to let me design twelve prints...
Tuesday Treats
Tom brought me home the prettiest flowers and a bag of macaroons this afternoon. I love surprises! My Dad came through in the evening and we went for dinner at Pho Vietnamese House, where I had no...
Milk & DIY Fashion
Kirsty sent us on a mission to find a misaddressed parcel she'd accidentally sent this morning, so afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with breakfast at Milk. I tucked in to a ginger lemonade and the...
The Superhero Issue
We launched Snippets 29 today which is The Superhero Issue with La Carmina on the cover. I decided to slog away on it yesterday, so I was feeling like a superhero when we published it today.
Today's exciting package in the mail was a Pogo Connect touch-sensitive pen for the iPad. It was a little tricky to set up, as we don't have a fancy new iPad, but it works really well and I love t...
Snow Day
We woke up to several inches of snow outside the mews today. Everything looked so pretty, so we decided we'd have a snow day and head out for a walk. We picked up a pic 'n' mix for the road. The f...
Mother's Day
It was Mother's Day, so my Mum and Nana came through to visit so I could take them for a day out. We started at the Old Chain Pier where I tucked in to potato wedges and a Blood Mary. It was a del...
DIY Fashionista
I'm far too camera shy to be a full-time fashion blogger but when the Pick Your DIY girls asked me to take part in their Spring/Summer 2013 collaboration, I jumped at the chance. Seven DIY blogger...
The Southern
We had a busy day in town today. Tom met with an accountant, I went fabric shopping and we met up with Katie for coffee at lunchtime. We discovered an amazing chocolate shop filled with every kind...
My StickyGram sample arrived in the mail this morning and I've stuck them to my whiteboard. Keep an eye on CO+K as we'll be giving three away in a few weeks. Dad took us out to dinner at the Vietn...
We noticed that someone had spray-painted #YOLO while walking along the canal today. Tom's been getting addicted to Instagram and I found all these pretty photos from our day in my camera roll.
Second Place
A new Pizza Express has opened up in a church at the bottom of Morningside Road, so Kenny, Laura, Tom and I decided to test it out for dinner before the pub quiz. It was quite an interesting space...
Sparkly Heart
I finally found the heart-shaped Vivienne Westwood bag that I've wanted for ages and it arrived this morning. The orb on the front is so sparkly. I love it! They've asked people to write what the...


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