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Dinner & Record Club
I had the first call with the editor of our book this morning and it left me inspired to start plotting out our next road-trip later this year. I've pinned so many new places we want to eat, sleep ...
Our Food Is Alive
It's Monday, so I decided to write out my to-do list for all the things I have to do this week. It was very long but there are lots of fun things on it! We went for dinner at YummyTori again tonig...
Raining Cats & Dogs
Tom was feeling a little hungover after the party last night, so I left him in bed and went out for sweet potato wedges with my Mum. Afterwards we met up with my Dad, who's just been to see an exh...
Nicole & Quinn's Decadeversary
Nicole & Quinn had a party to celebrate their 10 year anniversary today. Tom and I shared a mushroom, egg and brie crepe for dinner from the Grassmarket on our way and it was just as good as t...
Rookie Yearbook
Rookie Yearbook arrived this morning and I knew it was going to be a fun day, as the book included a 7" record, stickers and paper crowns. In reality I had one of the busiest days ever with so ...
A Slice Of Pasta
We've been meaning to try out the new Tony Macaroni in Morningside since it had opened a couple of months ago and after spotting this sign today, we finally decided to go in. The vegetarian select...
As Seen On TV
Cut Out + Keep was mentioned on the TV show Super Scrimpers on Channel 4 yesterday. It's so exciting to be able to say "As Seen On TV"!
Doll Parts
My new Crosley record player arrived this morning and we were so excited to give it a spin. It's so compact and easy to carry around in it's suitcase and I love the colour. We had so much fun ...
DIY Ukulele
I've wanted to get to get Tom a ukulele for ages and when I spotted this Make Your Own Ukulele kit in Urban Outfitters, I knew I had to surprise him with it! He took over my craft desk to build it...
Photography Apps I Love
I'm always taking photos when I'm out and about - from arty filtered snaps of my food and action shots of cute animals to quick snaps of things I want to make and panoramas of Tom pretending to eat...
Siri Chat
We continued our new Sunday tradition of lunch at Loch Fyne on the shore today with my parents and Nana. This time I tried the mussels, which were delicious and left me feeling so full.
Record Store Day
Tom and I went to Two Thin Laddies for lunch this afternoon and it was such a nice cafe with friendly staff. It reminded me of somewhere in Omaha. I had the mushroom quiche which came with a reall...
Steampunk Eyepatch
I was busy crafting to the stars today for La Carmina. She asked for something pirate themed that she could wear on an upcomming travel show, so I decided to make a bejewelled light-up eyepatch. I ...
Looking At Rooms
Tom and I have been busying working on our new site, Look AT My Room this week and today we completed one of the most important to-dos when we designed the social media icon.
Cherry Blossom Margarita
We took my Mum to YummyTori for dinner this evening, while my Dad went to a whisky tasting. The bento box was totally different from last time and filled with delicious things like tempura sweet po...
Hats On Heads
This kit from Hats On Heads arrived this morning and I couldn't wait to play milliner for the day. An hour or two later, my hat was complete. It was lots of fun to make but I'm not sure where I'll...
Tom and I went for bento boxes at YummyTori for dinner and they were delicious. The box included miso soup, rice, salad, seaweed and three veggie skewers. I washed my bento down with a lychee surp...
Key Cards
We found our collection of hotel key cards from our American road-trip. There were so many of them but there's going to be many more after we go back later this year. Mum & Dad came over this...
Urban Angel
Tom took me to see The Host this afternoon. I read the book last year but saw the film had scored 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I was worried about how bad it would be. It wasn't that bad actually.
Cartoon Heroes
We just discovered that you can watch our Google video in 3D and I'm such a comic book nerd, I think that's way cooler than it probably is.
Hopping Along The Street
I ordered some new shoes and a squirrel sweater from ASOS and they arrived today. I felt like I should hop along the street in them. We've had an amazing response to our Google video since it lau...
A customised CO+K ViewMaster arrived this morning and it's the coolest ever. It was my favourite toy when I was little and this one is filled with photos from our American road-trip, which I love....
Our Google Video
Our Google video went live today and I'm so excited to share it with you. You can watch it here on YouTube and I'd love it if you could help spread the word by liking, commenting or even sharing it...
We went to see Springbreakers at the Cameo today. It was a strange film but I kind of want my own pink balaclava with a unicorn on it too. Afterwards we went for dinner at Prezzo on the bridges. I...
Mini Maker Faire
It was the first ever Mini Maker Faire in Edinburgh today, so we headed along to Summerhall to check it out. It was very very busy with small children everywhere, which made it quite difficult to ...
10,000 Emails
I sent my 10,000th email with Chase-Up today. It's been less than four months since Tom first built it for me and though I'm sending ten times as many emails, I've never been more organized and I'm...
We went for breakfast at The Souther with my parents this morning. I tucked in to their mushroom omelette which was tasty but a little overpowered by goats cheese and a Bloody Mary. Afterwards we ...
Signed & Sealed
We woke up to a lovely surprise this morning when dark chocolate & ginger Easter treats arrived from Jenny in the mail. They were delicious! It was then time to sign, seal up and send our book...
Monster Mash
Graham was visiting Edinburgh from Newport today, so we met up with him and Mel for a coffee at Lovecrumbs. The sun was out, so we headed to a pub in the Grassmarket afterwards for cider in the bee...
We needed to have a trusted member of the community sign our book deal, so we met up with Kenny at the pub. He's a teacher and the most respectable person we know. As we were being so responsible,...


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