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Demolition Day
Seeing a building being demolished has been on Tom's wish list for a while, so we headed up to Dundee for the day where two buildings, Bucklemaker Court and Butterburn Court in the Hilltown where b...
Crafty Toolbelt
I started designing prototypes for the perfect crafty toolbelt for CO+K and this was my favourite design, with space for all the essential tools. Now the difficult bit is to turn that design in to...
Dad's Birthday
Copies of The Reader arrived from Omaha this morning featuring a two page interview with us. It was my Dad's birthday today, so we treated him to dim sum for breakfast. It was so tasty!
The Westroom
Tom and I went for brunch at the Westroom this afternoon. We're attempting to try out a new hipster brunch spot every Sunday. I had mushrooms on toast which were really tasty. Afterwards we went ...
Room For Improvement
We had been needing a new coffee table for a while and, when MoneySupermarket got in touch to ask if we'd like to be part of their Room For Improvement Challenge, we knew it was the perfect excuse ...


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