Blog Archive 2013 • Cat Morley


Scottish Owl Centre
I took my Mum, Dad and Nana to the Scottish Owl Centre today. It has been open for just over a year, so we were surprised when an offer appeared for it on Groupon.
My birthday
It was my birthday today and everyone surprised me with presents and cakes in the morning. I got some awesome stationery for my desk including personalised pencils, a camera-style pencil sharpener...
Tom's Birthday
We kicked Tom's birthday off with some Lego brick ice cream cakes. As it was Tom's 27th birthday, I couldn't think of any better present to start off his rockstar-death year than a drum kit.
Jenny in Edinburgh
Jenny was back from Japan so I met up with her, Rob, Kirsty and Malcolm at Cabaret Voltaire. Jenny and I had an Edinburgh Ice Tea to celebrate. The server ended up burning herself several times on...
Bo'Ness Railway
We took my Nana and parents for afternoon tea on the Bo'Ness Railway today. We took the trip last year and I was contacted by the railway after they spotted my blog, offered another free afternoon...


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