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Nana had been reminiscing about the first time we took her for afternoon tea at the Peacock Inn, so I snapped up the offer as soon as it appeared again on Groupon. We were spoilt with sandwiches, ...
Last Day In Amsterdam
It was our last day in Amsterdam so we wanted to make the most of it. Luckily, the hotel offered to take care of our bags so we were able to travel light for the day. There was a cool art instilla...
We couldn't wait to get out and explore more of Amsterdam today. We stopped for lunch at Piqniq, an adorable little cafe with decor that looks like picnic tables and benches with tulips everywhere.
One of my Christmas presents from Tom was a trip to Amsterdam and we set off on our trip this morning. Canals, cheese and pancakes are some of my favourite things so it's a city I've always wanted ...
Our big task today was preparing the second set of prints for Fabric On Demand. My Project Paperdoll outfit for February will be themed around Crafterella with a comic strip skirt, Crafterella t-s...
My parents got me this adorable apron for Christmas and it inspired my to try baking my first ever quiche. I filled it with Quorn sausages, rosemary, goats cheese and red onion. It tasted great wi...
I've been in the mood to cook this week, so I started out by making some pies stuffed with sweet potato, Quorn sausage and goats cheese. They kind of tasted like posh sausage rolls.
One of my new year's resolutions was to be more organised and I decided to start with my email. The aim is to get my inbox to zero every day and so far, I'm on a two week streak! We decided to kee...
We were going to go to The Butterfly Farm today but it was so busy, we decided we'd go during the week instead. We popped in to Doby's Garden Centre which was next door and tried lots of different ...
I went for a massage with a chiropractor this morning. My backs been bothered my recently and I was hoping she could crack my back in to place, but she was a little too gentle to make any real impr...
We were on the hunt for a new restaurant to try this afternoon and ended up at Gusto on George Street. It felt a little swanky from the outside but the menu wasn't so bad. I ordered a Mardi Gras c...
It was my Grandma's last day in Scotland before flying home to Canada, so we went out for a big family meal at Tuk Tuk. We shared all of our favourites and tried the new Bombay burgers on the menu....
My Grandma treated us to Dim Sum this morning and it was so tasty, especially as today was a day they were serving egg tarts. Afterwards we went for a drink at The Radical Road near Duddingston.
We met up with Kenny and Laura for dinner at Yo Sushi! this evening. Kenny had never been so it counted towards his Thirty Thirty Thirty Things which we're determined to help him reach before his b...
My Grandma brought over a box of old photos and slides from Canada, so Tom and I spent the morning scanning and organising them onto her computer. We needed a break afterwards, so we headed out fo...
Uncle Bruce sent over some money for us all to go out for a nice meal as our Christmas present so we picked Kanpai. We were celebrating getting a book deal the last time we were here and now we we...
One of my Christmas presents for Nana was afternoon tea at Scott's in South Queensferry, so after a well deserved lie-in this morning, my Dad, Nana, Grandma picked me up and we went for tea. We we...
Resolutions for 2014
With a book deadline to hit today, the start of the year has been so busy that I’ve hardly had a chance to do anything other than write, craft and sleep. The book was my big resolution last year an...
We finished our book!
We've spent nearly every hour of the day writing, crafting and working on the book since New Year's Eve. Today was our final day before tomorrow's deadline and coincidentally, the final day to gain...
Tom and I have been so busy with the book that we've hardly had a chance to cook anything nice for ourselves, so we decided to take ourselves out to Ting Thai CARAVAN. Even though we've been three...
Goodbye 2013
2013 was such a fun year from us. We got a book deal, starred in a Google video, spent two months travelling around America and got so much work done. I can't wait to see what next year has in stor...


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