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Tom surprised me with a Lego MiniFigure and it turned out to be a spooky little girl which was perfect, as it's Halloween. Tom wanted to cut his pumpkin to look like Rilakumma while I attempted to...
Wood's Deli
On the hunt for new places to try out in Edinburgh, we discovered Wood's Deli in Juniper Green. The deli was really pretty inside with fairy lights and serves deli lunches during the day and dinne...
Tracie Pouliot drew this amazing illustration of Crafterella and recorded an adorable little video as she went. I love watching her process:
Tom was visiting his Granny in Kirkcaldy today, so I decided to come through to see Mum and Nana. We went to the Pillars Of Hercules which was so busy that we ended up sitting outside with the rob...
Today was a super busy day at work so we decided to unwind with cocktails and afternoon tea at The Paper Mill. It was delicious and just what we needed. We treated ourselves to a late Lego Tuesda...
Our book has appeared on Amazon with it's cover which means we can start counting down the days until it's released.
We headed through to Fife to visit my Nana today and took her and my Mum for lunch at the West Wemyss Walk Inn. Continuing in our tour of local farm cafes, we headed to Muddy Boots in Balmalcolm a...
The Last Word
I made a batch of homemade granola this morning and it tasted so good while it was hot out of the pan. Tom even helped himself to a couple of bowls full.
Hello Fresh
We were sent a Hello Fresh box to test out today, which is a subscription box filled with everything you need to cook three tasty recipes. Though there was enough food to last us for three meals, ...
Louise was back in the UK for another flying visit and this time she'd brought Robin with her, so we headed through to Fife to see them. We picked them up in Kirkcaldy and went for lunch at the Pi...
Blogger Bake Off
Tom and I were invited to the Blogger Bake Off, hosted by Currys and Joe Blogs in Glasgow today. We were really excited to attend, especially after watching a few episodes of The Great British Bake...
We've started a new feature on CO+K called Craft Test where we're having awesome products sent out to our members to test out by making craft projects with. Sugru was the first product we were tes...
Pyrus Autumn Wreath Workshop
I'm the Google City Expert of the week, so they had a little photo of me on their page today. It's starting to get dark really early these days, but on the plus side, there was a really pretty sun...
I handed in my Edinburgh city guide to Bust Magazine this morning, which was a big goal for me, as I've dreamed of writing for the magazine since I was 17. I hope they like my photos! A new fast f...
Vintage Bus Museum
We took a road-trip to the Vintage Bus Museum in Dunfermiline today, where we met up with my Mum and Dad. Dad was waiting with our tickets when we arrived and we were just in time for the hourly t...
One of my favourite artists, rubyetc drew this super quirky drawing of Crafterella and it made me so happy when it popped into my inbox. Even though I work from home, so I could do it on any day o...
Loch Ness
We were sad to leave our cozy train carriage at Sleeperzz this morning but it was our last day in the north of Scotland and time to head home. We stopped off to see the seals one last time at Loch...


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