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Starry Night
I'd read that Barns Ness lighthouse, near Dunbar, was a fantastic place to see the stars and the milkyway and we made a plan to head out on the next clear night. The lighthouse is at the end of a ...
I was experimenting with flavoured liqueurs from Edinburgh Gin for this week's cocktail hour and they are delicious. The rhubarb and ginger one is my favourite and tastes amazing in gin & tonic...
Royal Yacht Britannia
Tom and I were invited on a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia to review for a guide on the most Christmassy days out for the attractiontix blog.


Our Figaro went for it's first MOT this morning, and apart from a few dust covers which we had fitted at our nearby garage, he passed! We treated ourselves to lunch at Montpelier's while we nervou...
It was the final F1 race of the year this morning and Tom was really excited about it, so I decided to cook him pancakes to enjoy while watching it. I've never been able to cook pancakes in the pa...
Around The Horn
I made a photo holder for the car out of pegboard beads which is the perfect size for Instax shots. It attaches to the air vents with a clip made from sugru on the back.
Google were back in our house to do some recording today for a possible new video, which meant it was time for our annual massive tidy up. It was good to get the house so clean but also exhausting.
I'm not the only one to get a new haircut this week, Crafterella's also got a new look in this amazing art by Anna Grape. Arun was up in Edinburgh for the rugby so we met up with him and some of h...
Night In The Garden
We had tickets for Night in the Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens this evening and as my Mum loves gardens, and being outside at night, we knew she was going to love it. I wasn't sure what to ex...
Snowed In
LIT Cosmetics sent me a bunch of their products to play around with and I started by creating a black & white cut crease look. I'm going to make a couple of others and with Christmas just aroun...
Odds & Ends
We fell asleep after arriving back in Edinburgh on the Megabus this morning and woke up feeling cranky. Luckily, a new coffee shop called Odds & Ends had opened up just around the corner from u...
After checking out of our hotel this morning, we perked ourselves up with coffee at Timberyard. We continued our coffee crawl to Peyton & Byrne where we also had lemon drizzle cake.
We woke up in London this morning and it felt so good to be back as we made our way to Shoreditch. It never feels like we've been gone that long when we're back in the city. We had hair cuts booke...
Dad headed off to his football game this morning so Mum, Tom and I headed in to Manchester to explore the city a little more. We started off with lunch and rainbow cake in Proper Tea which was a l...
We gave my Dad tickets to see Manchester United play for Christmas and it was finally time for him to see his game, so we headed down to Manchester with him. After sleeping in the back of the car ...
Starbucks Party
I got a pair of bear tights in the mail this morning and my knees have never looked so cute. We were invited to a Starbucks Party this evening which might not have been the best type of event to g...
Bonfire Night
It was Bon Fire night tonight and for the first time in about 12 years, we headed through to Burntisland to see the fireworks. We got to the fire just in time to see the Guy go up in flames. Spark...
Sarah from Curious Pip created this amazing piece of Crafterella mixed-media art for Superhero Sunday and I love how cut out and keep it is! Mum and I went for tea and cake at the Secret Herb Gard...
Tunnock's Factory
I've been wanting to visit the Tunnock's Factory for ages and we were heading through to Glasgow today, so we stopped off on the way. There's also a tearoom and shop on the main high street in Udd...


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