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My parents had booked themselves a well-deserved trip away to Loch Fyne at the end of this week, so Tom and I offered to head back to Burntisland to take care of our cat, Noodles and my Nana.
Unfortunately the fabric for February's Project Paperdoll outfit is still stuck in customs, so it's looking like it'll be a little late this month. I can't wait for it to arrive!
LOL Cat Gallery
I got Tom a Monorail Cat print for Christmas and we finally got around to getting a frame for it and another for our Kit-Cat print that we got in London about a year ago. It's looking like the begi...
Devil's Advocate
Tom and I decided to try out Devil's Advocate this evening, a new whisky bar we'd heard about which was hidden halfway down Advocate's Close. The bar looked stylish and eerie with brick walls, boo...
Three Birds
Em Somerville sent me the most awesome illustration of Crafterella this morning that I couldn't resist setting it as the wallpaper on my laptop and iPhone straight away.
Glasgow Film Festival
My Dad and I decided to have a father/daughter day out to the Glasgow Film Festival so we piled in the car and headed through this morning. Our screenings were at the top of the Cineworld, which i...
I'm not sure if it's the wall of smokers who are permanently blocking the entrance but for some reason, we had never been tempted to go into Montpeliers and every time we'd actively decided to go, ...
Crafterella Cardboard Cut-Out
As one of my Christmas presents, Tom had ordered me a cardboard cut-out of Crafterella which arrived this morning. Though, I hadn't realise it at the time, I've wanted a cardboard cut-out ever sinc...
House Of Cards sent me a sample set of their amazing pop-up cards and I'm so impressed with them. The hot air balloon is my favourite. We'll be doing a giveaway for some on CO+K in the next few mo...
La Barantine
Our advance arrived from the book today, so after paying it in to the bank, we rewarded ourselves with lunch at La Barantine in Bruntsfield. I had the salmon quiche which was delicious but it was ...
Drive-In Movies
Tom found a new pub called The Auld Hoose for us to try for brunch with my parents this morning. The menu was great for vegans and vegetarians, so my mum had a vegan burrito, I had a vegetarian bre...
We were excited to get out and see some more of Dublin this morning and luckily, our hotel had offered to take care of our bags so we were free to explore! We started off in City Hall which had a...
Valentine's Day in Ireland
It was Valentine's Day today and the card I'd made for Tom felt very appropriate as he was whisking us away to the second secret stop on his mystery trip. We checked out of our hotel and headed fo...
Tom planned a secret mystery trip away for Valentine's day and I had no idea where we were going when we woke up at 5am to catch a train to Glasgow this morning. From Glasgow, we caught a second t...
Kenny's DIY Daft Punk coffee table that Tom had been working on for his birthday was finally ready for him to take home today. After more programming with the Raspberry Pi, they finally got it ...
Tom did his good-kitty-favour for the day by letting this meowy kitty back in to it's close this morning. Davina and Ross were making a flying visit through Edinburgh and they treated us to lunch ...
February is going to be Crafterella month on CO+K and we've got a whole bunch of fun things planned including the launch of her own page, issue 2 of her comic, strips from guest artists and an awes...
Nonna's Kitchen
We've walked past Nonna's Kitchen many times on our way to and from Morningside, so we decided to give it a shot. It was a cosy little family restaurant with super friendly waiters and a giant list...
I got a super cute thank you card in the mail this morning. It was from an author who's book we're going to feature and it made me smile. We had a lazy Saturday working in coffee shops while the r...
We spent the evening catching up with Ysolda at the Cameo. She only lives a few meters away from us though we hadn't seen her since we moved back to Edinburgh, which is terrible but we'll be better...
Harajuku Kitchen
When our plans for this evening fell through, Tom and I decided to try out a new restaurant called Harajuku Kitchen while mapping out our trip to Japan. We ordered the sweet potato tempura roll, t...
Tom and I decided to make pizza from scratch for dinner this evening. Tom took charge of the dough using pasta flour to make it really smooth and then cornmeal to give the crust an extra crunch.
Every Sunday, Tom and I try to find somewhere new to visit in Edinburgh and we thought we'd been to all the hipster coffee shops in the area until Machina Espresso appeared in nearby places on Goo...
Tom and Kenny finally started hacking together the Daft Punk coffee table we were making him for his birthday today. Several hours of work later and they finally had Raspberry Pi controlling the l...


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