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Mum and Dad brought Nana through to see us before we head off to Japan next week and we went to her favourite restaurant, Loch Fyne for fish and chips. I had the risotto and, even though it was co...
Jason Little, who is one of my favourite comic book artists and creates the Shutterbug Follies series has been working on an amazing strip about Crafterella. He sent me the final copy and it looked...
Lynsey was in Edinburgh this morning, before she headed back down to London, so we met up with her at Milk for breakfast and a coffee shop crawl. Tom and I shared the breakfast burrito which was de...
Dorothy Perkins had a big sale on Friday, so I hit up the website and treated myself to a new summer wardrobe which arrived this morning. I love the cat print dress the most, though they're all lov...
Easter Sunday
It was Easter Sunday today and Tom surprised me with an amazing chocolate egg which had an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg, inside an egg and came in the prettiest w...
It was the second day of sun in Edinburgh so we decided to make the most of it and head out to the Meadows for the afternoon. We picked up a cranachan froyo from Meadowberry which was bright pink a...
We got the most hipster crackers from Waitrose which are coal black and shaped like hearts. They tasted great with cheese and anchovies. It was really sunny and warm today, so we decided to pack u...
Field Of Light
I had a Groupon voucher for Juniper on Princess Street so we headed along for cocktails and nibbles this evening. The bar looked very fancy with plush decor and flowers but felt like a Wetherspoons...
Process Your Thoughts
To-Do Lists Part Two. Podcast & print-outs: In the previous episode we cleared out our heads in to a Thought List and highlighted some of the key thoughts that were either the most important,...
Crafterella Fan Art
We've had some amazing new entries in to Crafterella's fan-art contest. It's going to be so hard to pick a winner for this!
We got an awesome caravan to build for this week's #LegoTuesday which looks exactly like our neighbour's caravan across the street. The Lego man even looks exactly like him. It looked amazing when...
lOll3 created this amazing piece of Crafterella art for Superhero Sunday yesterday. I love her style so much and this piece kind of reminds me of this graffiti I saw last week.
Galatic Gala
Tonight was Google's Galactic Gala at Summerhall and I had a +3 so Kenny and Laura joined us too. It was a space themed party being held as part of the Science Festival. There was sorbet made with...
We finally caved in and treated ourselves to a Roomba. It was like getting a new pet when it arrived today and we sat watching it hoover the floor for hours. It's so much better than I thought it c...
I've been wanting to start a new podcast for a while and, as it's one of my new year's resolutions to get super organized, I realised that would be the perfect topic. I've already got a couple of ...
The big task for today was designing the fabric for my next Project Paperdoll dress and I decided to do make a purple tartan. Tom put together this amazing design which is going to be printed on a ...
The Book Thief
I'd went on a bit of a Groupon binge a few weeks ago and our last deal to use up was for afternoon tea at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The staff were so friendly and we were impressed with the decor, e...
We hadn't seen Calum in a while so decided to catch up at Cloister's, a nearby pub that none of us has been to before. It was really busy when we arrived but we got lucky and managed to grab a tabl...
A new gin bar called Mother's had opened in Edinburgh and we were keen to try it out when I spotted an offer for lunch on Groupon. The bar should have been very hipster with it's bowler hat lampsh...
Burger had a couple of new specials on the menu, so we decided to head along for dinner. Tom ordered a veggie dog which came wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried and smothered with onions, guacamole a...


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