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When Google held their party at the Camera Obscura a couple of months ago, it was nighttime and too dark to see the actual camera, so they invited us back to see it during the day. The camera sho...
Tom came home with some Lego minifigures today and I got a cat lady in mine, while he got a Mexican man in his. I giggled thinking they looked like the future version of us. I've been craving okin...
Wild West Morningside
While we were walking in Morningside today, Tom grabbed my hand and took me off down a side street saying he had something awesome to show me. Assuming I knew the area pretty well, I couldn't imag...
Rilakkuma Bento Box
Tom discovered Rilakkuma, a lazy bear who loves relaxing, while were in Japan and he soon became his new favourite character so I decided to brighten up his Monday by making him a Rilakkuma bento b...
We had free preview tickets for Chef this morning, a movie which comes out at the end of the month about a chef who starts his own food trucks. There were lots of jokes about social media in the fi...
Dine The Decades
Tonight was Google's Dine The Decades party which was being held at a top secret location. We had no idea where we were going, only that we'd meet on Castle Terrace where we'd be catching a Routema...
Louise From Down Under
Louise was back on a flying visit from Australia today and we were lucky enough to catch up with her for a while this afternoon. Montpelier's has had a lovely new makeover, so we decided to forgiv...
Mum's Birthday
It was my Mum's birthday today and as she's not a huge fan of super sweet cakes, I decided to bake her a rose meringue and black sesame ice cream cake. It tasted delicious and I loved the way it l...
Dad's Birthday
It was my Dad's birthday today and, as he's a Canadian who loves bacon, maple syrup and whiskey, I decided to bake him a maple & whiskey barrel cake filled with bacon flavoured popcorn. Everyo...
Busy Little Designers
Looneylolita illustrated the most incredible Crafterella guest art for this week's Superhero Sunday and I'm so in love with her style. We've thrown ourselves in to designing a shiny new responsive...


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